Friday, December 30, 2005

Getting Started

Here we go, my friends are always telling me I should write. Now that I have the space let's see if I can fill it up with something amusing or educational. In case you haven't checked my profile I am a knitter. As I get older my life evolves around it. And I don't like using commercial patterns, I'd rather figure it out on my own. God Bless Elizabeth Zimmerman for helping me out with that.
This will be my space to babble what's in my head before it explodes. I do believe it's what a blog is for. This will also save my friends from my abuse when I go off on some of my "think outside the box" tangents.
As for the Title of my blog, I prefer to knit on circulars as I detest putting pieces together! I have just mastered the knitting on 2 circulars that the sock knitters prefer though I have yet to make socks. I have used the technique on mittens, hats and sleeves. I now have a pile of lovely double pointeds sitting dejectedly in a basket. My other interests include designing calculators in Excel for knitting sweaters and mittens, etc., so all you have to do is fill the gauge and the finished measurements required and the rest is calculated for you. You'd have to be an experienced knitter to follow it because I leave out alot of the finer details that commercial patterns give.
Right now I'm in clean up mode, using up leftovers for hats, mittens, scarves. It's cold here in New England and we have a number of organizations that take hand knits for those that need them. I've also sent items off to military personnel overseas. I hear it gets nasty cold in the desert.
I believe that's it for today.