Monday, August 31, 2009

End Of The Season -Almost

The Summer of Cotton Sweaters is drawing to a close. The result is a bunch of partials and one skeins that I am knitting into a throw NOW instead of putting them away for "sometime".

I'm not even trying to color coordinate--bet you couldn't tell. Each sweater I make this summer is represented. Don't believe me? Go to "Done Stuff" and see. I dare ya.

As with all my other "use up the leftover" blankets it may be a bit jarring to the eye but the first object everyone grabs cuz it's soft and comfy. I had the opportunity to Nap Test it this weekend. Here in Western Massachusetts it cooled to a lovely 70 degrees. With the rain and the funeral of Senator Kennedy--busted into tears more than once--a nap schnuck up on me and fortunately the blanket was big enough to cover the shoulders. This was during the PGA tour. Not even Tiger's zip up the leaderboard could keep the lids from slamming shut. I came back to life on the 14th hole.

I have a finished sweater on the drying rack. There are skeins of black cotton yarn marinating. I'm not quite done with cotton yet but beginning to hear the wool calling me in the storage bins.

"If I wasn't so worried about the dog coming down the street I'd be more worried about that last sentence."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

There's No One Way To Do It

For the past month or so I have been teaching my mom's piano teacher how to knit socks MY WAY. She's doing quite nicely and last night she announced that she understands MY heel turning method. It's true because we prattled on about stuff we've done this summer and what we've got lined up for the fall and she rarely stopped mid-knit to ask a question. She had my written instructions (so professionally scribbled complete with cross outs)on scraps of paper. (As it goes with most, nah, all of my pattern instructions).
One section of MY sock instructions left me going "HuH?" But she was fine. I was merely there for support and chatter.
I have been very diligent to tell her EVERYONE DOES IT DIFFERENTLY. I can't stress that enough. I change my methods constantly either out of boredom or fiddliness. I avoid fiddly knitting. I personally file lace knitting under fiddly and keep it to a minimum. Before my comment section is skewered with Addi Turbo Lace needles from insulted lace knitters let me say this: I am not saying lace knitting as a category is "fiddly". It's fiddly FOR ME. It has something to do with my inability to count, concentrate for more than 5 seconds, and deal with multiple yarn overs. Bless all you lace knitting souls out there. The world is a better and more elegant place because of you.
Now that I am done sucking up to lace knitters and have alienated them from reading this titillating blog again, I'll get back to the subject at hand which, alas, I have lost track of but it had something to do with reassuring all knitters, new and experienced that everyone's methods are different and that is a GOOD THING. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to Google or YouTube methods for joining new skeins or weaving ends because I'm tired of doing it MY WAY.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where I Have No Sweat Left

I'm done. Dare I say I miss my air conditioned office when I leave but after 8 hours of filling my day with other activities I've had enough and move on. The whining starts soon after I get out of my air conditioned car. Knitting has been sparse. Knitting with cotton fiber is not a cooler activity. Pick up your cotton sweater. Heavy isn't it? So here's my solution: I'm going to take a class this fall to learn how to use a drop spindle. I guarantee this will lead to a spinning wheel. I have had a fascination with spinning wheels ever since the elementary school field trip to Sturbridge Village more years ago than I want to get into right now. And when I was dragged to the Tunbridge Fair a few years ago, I stayed at the flax/linen demonstration so long I feared they were going to alert security (IF in fact the Tunbridge Fair has security--if you're a local you understand) to remove me because I was creeping the demonstrator out. Fascinating. Nerdy to most folks but I'm SO past the age of caring. Next summer when I'm choking on the humidity I will not sit in front of a fan with three quarters of a long sleeve sweater sitting on my lap. I do not knit hot weather wearables....or I do not wear the ones I HAVE created. Knitting = cold=long sleeves in my world and I've stopped wasting good fiber to make things I don't wear. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I will stand in front of a fan and spin fiber instead. There will still be plenty of whining."Drop spindle sounds like an excellent cat toy to me."

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another One Down An Movin' On

The Mulligan is finished and in use due to unseasonal temps. (70's on August--love it!). Continuing my cotton summer sweater extravaganza, I'm whipping up a half zip pullover in a blinding lime green--because I can. I'm rerunning a pattern favorite of mine, 6x2 rib, drop shoulder style. Do I knit in the chaise? No, it's the most uncomfortable seat in the house.
Here's the view from the chaise. Best room in the house. I'll take that back, the most unc0mfortable seat in the house is the fan-back chair to the left of this photo.
Events over the weekend of perfect weather included a stroll down to the 3rd Annual Block Party. Avenue A is blocked off for the fun. There were local food booths, live bands, a fashion show, dog parade and various business booths. I made paper at the Southworth booth. I went for a classic Chanel black and white paper. With red sparkles.

The party ran from 2p to 8p. Fun time on Avenue A.

"I had to stay home and do laundry. Who wants to go to some stupid dog parade anyway."

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sweater Mulligan

So to "get over" my ire at the -cotton yarn that grew in the process of knitting with it- I tried the same design in my go-to cotton & microfiber (microfiber, aka acryl-ick) and so far I have faith restored in my limited but functional math skills. Right on course this time. To the stitch.
With the temps in the 90's and air so thick you can throw it at your neighbor I haven't had a good chance to test drive the black wimpy version to see if all this fuss was for naught and find that it's my most favorite sweater. puph!

In Other News...

Meet T.S. Gnome

T.S. has taken residence in the backyard in the general area of the Norwegian Maple. He was a present to my mom from my niece and has the loveliest mauvey lips. He's making himself quite at home and learning the lay of the land.

T.S. claims to be quite the gardener and has set to work supervising pumpkin production and flower blooming.
He has professed a hatred for hot peppers and will NOT have anything to do with them. I'm thinking there's a story behind the volatile attitude.

He chatted it up with St. Francis, a long time resident who's a bit territorial. T.S. will need to tread lightly. No need to get on the bad side of a saint.

Toad wasn't home or not answering the door. It happens.

Last stop on his tour was Squirrel Memorial.
Andrew, I think mom's gone a little squirrelly herself.