Monday, July 23, 2012

Two IS Better Than One

So, there I was, just knitting along making the design, or lack of it, up as I go when a idea hit me like a smack on the forehead. What was I going to do about the neckline? Boring, boring rib? No. Crochet edge? No. I-cord? No. Wait...let's expand on that last idea. How about double twisted I-cord? Hmmm. Done it before a few years back with two colors. It had a pleasing effect. Let's try it again only with the one color I've been slogging away on. Yes. And here it is.
A better presentation would have been on a model but there wasn't one to be found in the house aside from myself and I was NOT going to pull on a worsted weight cotton sweater in this 90 degree tropical rainforest humidity. Makes me sweat just thinking about it.
So this project is wrapped up. Time to spark another idea from this melted head of mush.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

And the Heat Goes On, The Heat Goes On...

Brain cells have reached their melting point. I have gone as far as eating frozen cake balls to keep cool. This is not good. Or good for me. Not even close to October so too soon for snow. Being the indoor plant that I am it's too hot to go outside to do anything. I have projects just waiting to be finished but here I sit complaining it is too freaking hot and humid.
I'm not completely inactive. I have knit away on a project that quite frankly has me baffled. Not the project or the knitting, but the raw materials. The label says 100% Egyptian cotton from ......wait for it....Greece. How does THAT work? Wait, don't try to explain. My brain is too puddled to absorb the information or care. Let's go to the picture instead.
As all cotton garments, this is going to be a heavy sweater. Secondary colors, lavender and pistachio make this a jeans sweater. Maybe navy slacks or leggings. I have an interesting idea for the finish of the neckline.You'll see. 

Look at them, poor things. Why they insist on laying on the porch floor when they could be in the one cool room in the house is beyond me.
 "Because you won't pester us out here."
"Because the squirrel is more visible."

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Since the horribly hot muggy weather isn't going anywhere soon I grabbed the camera to shoot a couple of finished projects. First up is a cotton half open neckline pullover. Cascade cotton rich DK in natural and...I don't know the official name but a sagey green describes it well. Too hot to even try it on so I'll wait for the surprise the first time I wear it. Always fun. The mystery of not knowing.

The second contestant is the ever popular "Honey Cowl". This is my second one and again, too hot for me to try on but bear is doing a stunning job without whining. 

I shouldn't be whining about the heat. There are folks south of my location that have been suffering in triple digit heat with no electrical power due to yet another horrible storm. Been there folks, you have my sympathy.
I will now, with a tinge of guilt, go down to the freezer and snag a fudgsicle and sit in the a/c. Perhaps I'll knit.

Monday, July 02, 2012

The Next Month

Last post- June 1, 2012. This post July 2, 2012. Knitting? Yes. Internet access to update? Yes. So what is the problem? Let's figure this out.
It's too hot. Fact.