Monday, December 29, 2008

Time to Ring in the New Year

Western MA got alot of rain over the weekend to seriously damage the nice fluffy snow. On the plus side I gained a snowman (compliments of my niece)in my backyard because it was VERY packy. He has a frenchy beret thing going. His eyes are roasted chestnuts, or shall I say over roasted chestnuts that smoked the house up and made it smell kinda like burnt popcorn and exactly like burnt chestnuts. So much for bringing Dickens in to Christmas. One strike against the microwave version. The oven roasted nuts were fine accompanied by a Pinot Noir.

Now here's a gift...

Beau gold in Tiffany blue.
Nobody in the house got anything from Tiff's so heaven knows where the bag came from. I think Beau looks grand don't you?
The holiday (read: food) went on for days. Wednesday: Lasagna; Thursday:Lasagna again; Friday: Lasagna...again and bacon*; Saturday: Baked Ham and fixins; Sunday: holiday buffet complete with ricotta pie, turtle cheesecake. No lasagna on the buffet-phew.
*Not planned. In re-arranging the freezer the 4 lbs of bacon was left out and defrosted prompting a marathon bacon cooking session. Being one of my favorite smells I didn't have a problem with it. Too bad the burnt chestnuts took over.....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As Ready As I'll Ever Be

A view during the storm on 12/19.

Add a foot of snow to the top of the garage (and everywhere else!) and that's where we stand today. Figure in a wind chill at -5. Funny, Beau and Andrew haven't asked to go out on the porch.
The shopping is done. The schedule is set(unless the weather in un-cooperative). Patience-gone. Knitting is steady. Did I tell about the flamingo colored cardigan? Yes, I did. Still no picture. 'Magine that. All the jewelry present ideas...psbtbt! Maybe next year. Still trying to master some techniques. It's getting there just not to my satisfaction. Okay, I'm ready.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Present Revealed

I received a phone call at work yesterday from my mom asking me if I had left red sock yarn out at home. I pinched my eyebrows together and replied,"no, why?" Her reply, "Well, there was a skein on the second floor landing and one in the cellar." Mom didn't find the stash drawer open, it was a puzzle. Then it hit me. Andrew. Only Andrew could open two plastic bags to steal two hanks of sock yarn out of my bedroom on the second floor, deposit one on the landing and carry the other downstairs, through the cat door and into his room in the cellar. "Uh, Merry Christmas mom. Those were supposed to go in your stocking. I'll have a chat with Andrew when I get home."
"What sock yarn?"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


A contented Beau watching the snow fall. Or maybe our resident squirrel.
We're gearing up for another big one. Fill the tub with water! Get the lanterns and candles ready. Batteries. Non refrigerated food. Mindless knitting.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

London Town

Who knew London was so hilly? This is the neighborhood of Ebenezer Scrooge. The gaslights glow around the parks (there's more than one) and are perfect for an evening walk.

With a flash view it loses its ambience. Big Ben on the left keeps pretty good time....if you put a fresh battery in.
My cats have behaved as well as they can with all that temptation. The village continues to the left and back farther to the right. The excess snow has settled and been vacuumed or de-linted from every possible surface.
I'm working on one of those projects where you knit, knit, knit and it seems to never get longer. That's the reason there is no picture, it doesn't look like anything yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, December 08, 2008

London's Calling

The construction of Dicken's London is ongoing in my living room. Apparently snow was heavy this year because it's everywhere in the house. When finished there will be no room to place Christmas gifts under the tree. Pics of London at a later date.

My gryffindor inspired sweater has no buttons. They're in my purse. Although the distance between my purse and sweater are mere feet I have not joined the two. Could it be my mojo is

waining? Hmmm, more like a case of startitis. I have another project or two going but indeed having issues finishing things up. Probably because I need another sweater like a can finish that sentence. I'm thinking the London snow is not enhancing the pic or the sweater, but that's just me. (I can't stand it, it's EVERYWHERE!)
In our effort to conserve heat in the Town Hall I constructed a pair of fingerless mitts to wear on our frostier days.

The pattern is a broken rib and the yarn is a cotton/acrylic. Not wool? No, these will get filthy and I want to just throw them in the laundry. Yes, I've heard of superwash wool but I didn't have any at hand and as you can see they are constructed of bits and pieces of other items. I made of bunch of hats for our Warm the Children collection out of the original skeins. Did you notice the bracelet? Did you? I taught myself to do a bit of stringing. I call this creation my Chanel bracelet. Matte black and pearl white beads with a touch of gold for bling. I prefer to create wire jewelry but want to explore other venues because you never know when it will become helpful. There are those that knit with wire. I can't say I cherish anything I've seen yet.
I doooo like chain maille. I'm hoping Santa will put a Byzantine Chain Maille kit in my stocking this year.
If you'll excuse me I have to get the lint roller and remove the snow....from everything.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Back from Plymouth, VT; birthplace of Calvin Coolidge. The dinner was yummy, the weather co-operated. Traffic was nothing until I hit Brattleboro, VT on the way home and even then not horrible. The biggest shock was leaving Massachusetts Thursday morning with the sun shining, the grass green and the temp balmy. The farther north I went the greyer and darker it got and eventually I noticed blobs of white stuff on the sides of the road. Then all non-asphalt areas were coated in snow. When I got to sister's house they had plowed and the driveway was a giant ice sheet. There I go again, wrong wardrobe. I managed not to fall off my 2.5" heels walking with pie and sweet potato casserole. I should know better too, snow starts in October up there. Okemo was open and I could see tiny dark specks skiing down the mountain.
I have the Town Hall to myself today and quite frankly it's spooky in here. We all know it's haunted. Doors open and close upstairs but there are no footsteps. That hasn't happened today --yet.
I think I'd rather go home and finish my fingerless mitts.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Let The Season Begin

The holiday season cannot possibly start without a trip to Yankee Candle Village. Younger sister and niece came up from NJ. Here they examine ornaments around a gigantic Christmas tree. I forget what they call this room. I live minutes away from this. It's like a second home.

I tried "kinnearing" bears in the Enchanted Forest. For no reason mind you, photos are welcome, I just wanted to see what I got. I got more tree than bear. I did manage to scare the crap out of a kid walking by just when the flash went off. It looked like lightening. You should have seen him jump. oops. The Enchanted Forest is dimly lit and forecasts snow every 4 minutes. I have to say it was dead on with the forecast.
At home Beau decided there were critters under the couch.

And they moved down to the other end. (Wild imagination that one.)

Then he came in for his close up.

After the relatives bolted for home I found a WEBS bag behind the couch and in it was a hank of SOCK YARN! WOO HOO! I thought I had busted my stash of sock yarn. Now I really have. The colorway is remniscent of my Brownie uniform. (No I don't still have it... I don't think). Back in 196(blah,blah, blah) we wore brown dresses, socks and beanies with orange accents. Those are the colors in the variegated yarn.
The next holiday gathering will be Thanksgiving and I was dealt sweet potatoes as my assignment. I need to find inspiration...and soon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What Season Is This?

When ya gotta bloom, ya gotta bloom, regardless if you're a Christmas Cactus and it's not Christmas. This gang lives on the front porch all summer and the shock of outside to inside causes spontaneous blooming.
So be it!
I finished Gryffindor cardi and must do button shopping. I also need a method to remove rust marks from my white (of course, couldn't happen to a dark color) vest. I didn't notice the pins had gone bad when I blocked it. If anyone lurking knows of a sure fire removal system I'd appreciate the help.
I'm at a project stand still. Maybe a romp thru my stash will bring inspiration. Better yet, a romp thru WEBS.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Don't Blink, You'll Miss It

I have the oddest Burning Bush. When all the other burning bushes are flaming red, mine remains green. I wait and wait. And then, within 24 hours, it turns red and the leaves fall off. I took this picture this morning. By the time I get home this evening at least half of the leaves will be gone. I swear it's an offshoot of the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter.

It used to be conical shaped but I clopped the top off of it this summer. It's going to get more shaping next spring because it's getting too wide. Why is it in the middle of the lawn? Well, when I bought the house it had an old brick path leading from the back steps straight down to where that bush is then it turned to the left to a little storage shed behind the garage. My neighbor tells me there was a grape arbor over the path at one time. By the time I got it most of the path had been overgrown with lawn. I planted the bush at the inside corner. The shed fell down during the first winter. I dug up the brick and reused it for a tiered white garden. That left the bush smack in the middle of the backyard. It has it's advantages. If I'm out back on the swing I'm out of sight from the neighbors and passersby on the street. I like my privacy. But enough of that.

I see from my email from WEBs they have some Cascade 109 on their closeout specials. I like tweedy yarn and it's bulky which equals quick. I may have to toddle down there to give it the tactile test. I could use a new throw.

It's one of those cold, damp fall days. I think instead of being in this drafty old building I'd be happier at home with one cat snuggled beside me, the other sprawled on the headrest of my chair, a cup of chai tea and the Gryffindor cardi. Oh, and watching those Rock Solid guys on DIY. Yes, I'd be much happier.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

There's Got To Be A Morning After...

I know, the last thing you want to read about is the election. Well, I'll just update the non-political stuff for you that occurred at Town Hall on election day.

Remember the Pie people? They sold pie outside. It was a gorgeeooouus day. Great for selling pie. They sold alot of pie.

The Bake sale in the downstairs hallway? Sold out. People get hungry standing in line and at 7am cookies are GOOD.

I counted 10 phone calls from people wondering if they were registered to vote. No planning ahead for THOSE people, no-sir-ee.

Did you know if you don't answer your street census you're listed as inactive on the voting registration list? Yup, doesn't mean you can't vote but you have to fill out paperwork proving you live in the town your voting in so save yourself the grief-don't argue with the election clerk and fill out the paperwork they hand you or answer your street census. Wasn't that easy?

Oddest/dumbest (my opinion) question of the day? "Where would I get a map of Greenfield?" (the question was asked in the town hall, which is not in Greenfield.) After staring at him with one eyebrow hitched up and wanting to say, "In Greenfield." I restrained myself from stating the obvious and responded, "Try the Assessors office. They're the only room with maps." Off he went. I'm sure he was very disappointed to find out they only have maps of our town.

Cutest moment: a small child was waiting in the voting line with his parents. He said he was very excited and hoping Barack Obama would be in the voting room when he got there. We all smiled. His parents tried to explain that they didn't think Mr. Obama would be there.

Honking for support. Does it reeaallly do anything for the cause? Is there a special count for "honk if you support...?" Where do they tally those honks? I've never seen a news broadcaster report an election that included: "So & So was trailing by 57% of the votes but s/he won by a landslide with 90% of the honks." No acceptance speeches have included the phrase, "We won this election by a honk!"

Andrew says:
"Now with voting over, will they stop canceling NCIS and House?"

It's Here!

And I've never seen anything like it. I've been voting for 30 years and I've never seen anything like this. I got to work by 7:30am (after I voted in my own town. Small line, 5 minute wait) and drove around the parking lot for 5 minutes. I finally gave up and drove down the street and parked in a restaurant parking lot. I've never had to walk to work before. The Town Hall main hallway is wall to wall people. There's a little one out there that's starting to get a little bored with the whole thing. Or maybe it's an adult, sometimes it's hard to tell around here. It's only 8am.

On the knitting front, yes, contrary to the latest posts I do still knit, I'm still working on the cardigan with 2 color section. Or, the Gryffindor cardi as I refer to it due to it's red wine and gold colors. I paused from the body work to get the sleeves done so I can use up all the leftover wool to lengthen the body as much as possible. I want this one to cover my bum. I know you all wanted to know that so there you go.

(I wish you could here some of the conversations outside my door)

Ah yes, it's going to be an interesting day. Join the excitement-go vote!

Beau is exhausted from the excitement of voting.

Monday, November 03, 2008

One More Day To Go

Monday before Election Day. The buzz is getting louder....
Can you hear it?

Noon is the deadline for absentee ballots to be administered.
The Town Clerk's office has been the hub of excitement and whining.
After noon, the place will become eerily quiet. Kind of like the movie "High Noon".
From noon on the calls will come in asking what time the polls open and close.
I took wee breaks from knitting this weekend to create some bling. I'm
not sure the Christmas cactus appreciated it. After all, it has
it's own bling going on.

Andrew wasn't impressed much.
"Mom won't let me knit, won't let me do jewelry. BORING!
"Hey Lucy, come on over. Heat comes out of these holey things
and it's really warm, though, when the hot wind first comes out of them
it scares the bajeevees out of me."

Friday, October 31, 2008

My Favorite Decoration

I don't know about you, but I love me a good toilet papered tree. This little tree gets decorated every year with permission from the shop owner. Rumor has it the paper is supplied by the owner.

This tree is just outside the Town Hall. I hope I caught the essence of early morning light and a slight breeze that just enhances the t.p. Truly, I love it!
Tonight, when it's dark and the wind is blowing, these trees will just add that, that spookiness you need on Halloween. Walking under it brought a smile. I never liked trick or treating as a kid (though damn if I was gonna let my little sister get stuff and I didn't!) but papered trees and jack-o-lanterns get to me. Once a pumpkin is carved it gains a spirit. To see a smashed pumpkin, that's murder. We'll have none of that. Unfortunately my pumpkins exploded before I could get them a spirit. Between the heat during the day and cold at night something went astray. The squirrels are enjoying them.
Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh, oh, I feel a Mood Coming On

The closer the election gets, the more I look like this:

Me: "You want what?"
"I want to sell (pick one: pie, baked goods, raffle tickets) on election day at the Town Hall."
Me: "you need permission from the Selectboard and their next meeting is November 18.(AFTER THE ELECTION.)
"Why can't I just set up a table in the hall?"
Me(in my head): "because we're trying to run an incredibly large election as smoothly as possible so people don't have to wait for hours to get in to vote because the [pie/baked goods, raffle ticket] table is holding up the works. And why are you waiting this long to ask if you can do this? Never mind, you were probably going to wait until election day with pies in tow and whine in person."
Me: (in real time) "let me put you through to the Town Clerk so she can explain."
Wait 2-3 minutes and hear the Town Clerk wail after she has hung up, "Aargh! I can't stand it!"

Now your thinking, Miss Sandra, why so harsh? Let me explain. We have one polling venue-Town Hall. Two-thirds of the population votes so that's about 2,000 folks trying to come in, vote and get on with their lives. Past elections with extra curricular activities being held in the main hallway have had less than positive results. There are spaces in other areas of Town Hall where one could sell their wares without disrupting the works. Everyone parking and coming in has to pass this non-invasive space. Pie for everyone! Less complaints! (notice I said "less". There are days I think they should rename the building Town Complaints but being a government entity what do I expect?) It's a very exciting day, election day. The hubbub in the hallway outside my office brings giggles and groans and I get to see some folks in town only at elections. I guess we're trying desperately to keep the crankies to a minimum. I know I'm hitting my polling venue as early as possible. Come to think of it, I've never seen a pie table there.

See, this is where everyone should know how to knit or crochet. It's an excellent way to pass the time waiting in line to vote.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fourth Weekend in October

October is slipping away. Saturday I went to FiberTwist to drool over the lovely rovings and handspuns. I wish my budget would cooperate...I could have come home with lots of stuff. Alas, I have nothing. Saturday night we had a doozy of a rain storm. Always fun to watch rain fall from left to right instead of the boring normal straight down. Pretty much wrecked the last of the foliage.
Sunday brought tons of sunshine and warm temps. Beau took advantage of the Big Back Door being open to catch a sun bath.
I raked leaves (with plenty to go) and started a cardi during the Patriots game. Good Ole Cascade 220 I had in my stash. I love it when I forget what I have in stash. It's like Christmas! The zippy vest is almost done. It sat on the floor by my chair for a week. As you can see it's blocking and will just need the zipper inset. Does anyone know how to get mothball smell out of material? That floral ditty to the right is a dress that I have washed repeatedly and left out to air for months. Still can't wear it--never mind it's a summer dress and too cold to wear now. Moth balls have been banned from the house.

The vest has a lower back than front. Bendover Coverage I call it. There is a 6sts I-cord and will overlap the zipper-well, that's the game plan. I'm anxious to get it done. My office is kept at a brisk 66 degrees to help cut fuel costs so this will be worn often. Typing is a challenge with cold fingers so maybe I can create fingerTIPless gloves out of an old pair of driving gloves. Not that I won't try to knit my own but I need them now!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Was Just Wondering

I was standing in the checkout line of my LYS behind a woman who was purchasing buttons. She wanted to exchange buttons she had bought and for the 10 minutes I stood behind her I was still unclear as to the reason why. So was the clerk. They were too blue or too green. She traded the buttons for the exact same ones only more of them. I believe she purchased 15. When the clerk-of-unbelievable-patience put them in a bag, Button Woman was very concerned they were going to get scratched. This is when I groaned, "you've got to be kidding" a little too loud. The woman behind me snorted. The clerk noted the buttons were in the bag by themselves but she would staple it together. This appeased Button Woman. Why? I don't know, they were still going to rub against each other. And just so you know, the buttons were a 1/2 inch flat, four hole simple variety, nothing artsy or fancy.
My question is, if you're putting the buttons on a sweater, which Button Woman was, are they not going to get scratched from natural circumstances of sweater wearing? Maybe her acquaintances are extremely critical of her work and whip out their magnifying glass to count scratches on her buttons. Get that close to my buttons on the sweater I'm wearing and your gonna get poked in the eye more than likely. But that's just me, the touchy type.
I'd have a pic of an unblocked vest for y'all but the camera needed a recharge before I can take a blurry picture to post. I whipped up another pair of socks during Birthday Week and have a scarf on the needles now. "They" are predicting a bit of snow for Western Mass tomorrow. The leaves haven't fallen off my trees! I'm not ready yet.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Week

It's October, it's fall, it's.......coming up to Birthday Week! I take the week off from work. Think it's a bit odd? I worked with a guy that celebrated his birthday month. His boss was flexible I guess.
I have stuff I want to do and stuff I have to do. Stuff I want to do will win out's Birthday Week.
  • I want to sit down and finish my vest. I'm done with the main section and have cut the steeks. I'm slowly knitting on a six stitch I-cord.
  • I want to start another quilt. I'd like to incorporate my love of Gustav Stickley and Frank Lloyd Wright designs into the next quilt. Not the two together but something linear.
  • I want to create some jewlery pieces. My interests have turned to wire jewelry, more specifically pieces created with jump rings. If you pop over to the David Chain site you'll see what I'm aspiring to do. Someday. If I practice alot.

I've got quite a week cut out for myself. It's Birthday week, I can do what I want!

Friday, October 03, 2008

The Ride Home Can Be Interesting

See these Gals? (no, they're not vultures, they're wild turkeys.) On my way to work in the morning the same gang had me to stopped whilst they decided which side of the road they wanted to be on. They came close to getting a horn toot because a few were very indecisive. By the afternoon they had gathered just off the road (different section) for a late afternoon stroll and snack. There was one Tom but he was camera shy and walked off into the woods.


Brisk morning. The first wool sweater was donned this morning and being the true New Englander that I am I wore shoes with no socks. A sweater and barefoot. Oh, and driving gloves. I didn't have to scrape the windsheild of ice but did have to remove moisture from all windows so I could see where I was driving. Bring it on!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There is a Season

Ah, fall in New England. I drive to and from work through some of the prettiest countryside. We're going to have a red fall this year. I wonder if that makes the maple syrup sweeter in the spring? The pic below is in Gill, MA.

A slightly different view of the season, meet Boo (original no?) She resides at the Town Hall.
We've already had a complaint that she's using electricity. People are such fun aren't they?
With the quilt finished the cooler nights can start, I'm ready. The vest is still in process. It's the last day of September. You know what that means? Conway Festival of the Hills is this weekend! Fiber Twist is coming up! October is a busy month for Western MA. My favorite time of year.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Time to Catch Up

Here's what I do when we have perfect fallish weather. I do something I HATE. Painting. Painting my back porch. But it's done and when I woke up this morning it was still on. And I did it without falling off the ladder. (hate ladders.)Look at that yucky aluminum siding. I've tried several cleaners and no improvement. On one section it appears the previous owners tried to paint over it. It wasn't a positive result. Take my word for it.
On a more fun note, the hand quilting is done. I found the perfect stencil at the Bennington Quilt Festival. I need to wrap this puppy up cuz it's getting nippy at night here in Western Mass.
This blob of knitting will be a zip up vest. It's knit from the top down and I'm at underarm point. The steeks have it all bunched up. I praying the gauge gods are with me. The last of the gladiolas. The yellow one looks like it's lit! Hmmmm, the window needs washing too.

My hallway. See the rug all bunched up at the end? I find it this way almost every day. You'd think I'd take the hint. (Note the other renovation in progress, stripping paint off stair posts, rails and stiles. Blech.)
This is where the rug is intended to be. I don't think it looks that bad.
Beau disagrees. He's quite the home decorator. (Note: I know the red table cloth doesn't go either. It gives me a tic every time I go by it. Another member of the family thought it would look nice.)
No modesty with this one. Let's it all hang out when he sunbathes. Yes, he's sound asleep. He usually has his head in the lavendar. Nothing like a snooze and hot rock massage with aromatherapy. Zen kitteh.
I've also cranked out a few pairs of earrings but the pics come out all glare from the BLING. I haven't tried taking pictures in the dark-hmmm, I'll try it and let you know. I'm sure you'll all be waiting with baited breath. (never understood that phrase. Who wants bait breath!)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Technical Difficulties

My digi-camera is giving me fits. I can't get a non-blurry photo to save myself. (and no, it's not the operator, the camera has outlived it's usefulness.) I have a sweater and jewelry to show! The quilt is 85% done. Hitting the Bennington Quilt Show this weekend in hopes to find a border stencil that tickles my fancy.
Wool wearing temps arrived this morning, whoohoo! For some reason I didn't wear any, huh. Not like I don't have plenty of new items to debut. I wonder why I didn't grab that zip up cardi?Well that's just going to bug me now.
Last night I started a project I'm hoping will become a zip up vest. The short-row shoulders are done and steeks are in place. I chose an off-white worsted (Cascade 220) and have decided on two 2" texture patterns alternating. Good ole seed stitch and peppercorn. I want the fit to be huggy so there will be plenty of shaping. The camera and I are going to have to come to terms because the budget is not going to allow for a new one. Talking and describing a project only goes so far.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pounce, Pounce, Pounce

I just like the word.
The product on the other hand is different than I thought it would be. I expected a little linen bag with a talc-y powder. I got a box. The cover has a stopper in the center for the powder to be poured into. The underside of the cover has a terrycloth material. The bottom of the box just works as storage for this powder that, once released into the atomosphere, is everywhere. Did it work on my personally cut stencil? No. Well, sorta. But I will adjust the stencil to make it work better. Laser cut stencils would be perfect for this product. I think I may go through my stencil collection to see if any of them would be a good quilting border. I need to step up the pace on this quilt project. It got downright nippy last night.
The Blue Aran continues to lengthen and I have a next-project broiling in my brain. Since I had such fun with the zipper cardi I'm toying with a zipper vest. I work in one of those quaint old buildings that takes forever to warm up and with the energy issue I'm sure it's not going to be any better this winter. I'll be ready for battle. Fingerless mitts are on the docket too. I should be a sight sitting at my desk come December!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Multi Talent

I knew when Andrew was a kitten that he had a love of all things crafty. He also knows quality from, well, non-quality. Sock yarn isn't safe and he will rewind a hank if he feels it's not just right. I'm sure he feels I need the challenge. Well duh!, put it where he can't get it. Easy for you to say, he's eaten through bags, opened storage bins (I had to block them with full containers of litter, empty buckets were a waste of time)untied canvas bag handles tied into knots. He is a master. Don't even insult him with a skein of acrylic yarn. Won't even give it sniff. Just look at that face. All business that one.

Here he is marking my quilt top. I guess my markings were not up to his expertise-so noted.

He has offered several times to hold the quilt and the ruler down. I was unaware that chewing on the hanging button was part of the correct process. I can't say it helped draw a straight line but who says it has to be straight? He also feels the amount of cat hair now on the quilt will only make it warmer.

With all this help and guidance I shouldn't have any concerns about keeping warm this winter-regardless of the price of fuel. The sweater not only has 100% merino but 100% cat hair knitted right in. Mmmmmm. Toasty.
The daisies were positively glowing last evening. Their days are numbered. I may have created another inner monster with this bead introduction. I'm not a jewelry wearer but I don't think that should stop me from creating, should it? No! [I became a nail technician and didn't (and still don't) give a hoot about nails. It was a lucrative 2nd job, I was good at it but it burned me out.] I think the world needs another jewelry designer....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shhh! Don't Tell!

I threw all caution and fear to the wind and ditched the quilting hoop. I wasn't getting the quality stitches I desired. No matter how loose I had it in the hoop I did a better job without it using my left hand/fingers in assistance. I know there are no knitting police so I'm hoping there are no quilting police. For those who swear by quilting hoops and frames-if it works for you-have at it. I cut my stencil this weekend. It wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be and I don't like the plastic fumes (which I'm sure are as toxic as radiation) and the ending result would not be acceptible if I were using the stencil for wall painting. I will be looking for 'pounce' to apply to my quilt as the pattern is too busy to use a pencil and trace around. Laziness kicking in there I guess.
I visited WEBs Bead Store and made myself a pair of earrings. That's a fun place and I'll be visiting again. WEBs Yarn Store was having a lovely sale to celebrate NO SALES TAX day but I didn't go too crazy. The place was packed and for some reason, every child in the store was lying on the floor. The last time I was there a woman of physically mature status did the same thing because she wasn't being waited on fast enough for her satisfaction. You know, the kind of person that needs alot of attention. Mentally she was behaving worse than a 2 year old.
Lunch at Paul & Elizabeth's rounded out the day. AND NO RAIN/THUNDERSTORMS. Shocking!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Every Bit of Progress is Somethin'

A tiny bit of the other sleeve emerged yesterday and a tiny bit of quilting was done. Summer is winding down in Western Massachusetts, you can feel it. Some of the maples are beginning to turn though we won't have stupendous color until the 2nd week in October. These maples are just over achievers. I have very young squirrels playing outside my office window that should probably start thinking about storage. Maybe they know I'll bring them something when snow hits the ground like I did for their folks. I consider it payment for a spring and summer of entertainment.
A whole evening to myself! Waahoo! Oops, now I said it and the forces that throw crap at me will kick into gear. I'll probably have to go to the composting dump to get rid of grass clippings or something as revolting.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Change In The Weather

A bit cooler in Western Massachusetts this morning. Gives some hope to the woolies I've been creating that their time to be worn is approaching. Tuesday(yesterday) is a 12 hour work-day so I have no progress report-to report. The first sleeve on Aran Blue (isn't that original!) is complete and the second sleeve stitches have been picked up. End of report. See, told you there was nothing. Tonight, however, I'm itchin' to do some knittin'and quiltin'. What's that quote? "Busy hands...." Hmmm, I'll have to Google it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Warrior

I work with my hands all the time. Apparently working the muscles in the same direction. Except for NOW. Hand quilting uses hand a finger muscles that have not been used for knitting and daily life. Pinching the needle to pull it through the fabric gave me a sore nail bed. Seriously. It's fine now and didn't stop me from quilting one bit. I just kept saying, "wow, this is making my thumb nail sore." Dope. So far, so good. Working on my stitch consistency and getting alot of help from the boys. Andrew thinks the quilt in the hoop is something for him to lay on, until it falls off the frame and dumps him. Beau likes the tent it makes for him to lay underneath. Happiness for everyone.

On the knitting front the aran is buzzing right along. With all the rain and thunderstorms and Olympic viewing fiber manipulation is the only thing getting done.
I'm not a big watcher of the Summer Olympics. It's the heat factor so if I am going to watch it usually has something to do with swimming. The whole behind the scenes stuff with gymnastics has turned me off of that. What really happens to these children when they don't perform as expected? I shudder at the thought. But don't mind me, I'll just sit here, knitting and quilting. GO TEAM USA!