Friday, August 10, 2012

Can we extend the Olympics one more week? How about some x-treme summer events? I can't finish my project by Sunday evening. Body, done. Sleeves? At the moment 1 and 1/3. Left to go? Cutting the steek and either knitting the shawl front on or knitting separately and suturing on. No, I detest sewing on. Think Think Think. Oh heck, the world is NOT going to end but takes some of the fun out of it.
I'll plan better next time....

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Knitting At The Speed of Lochte

The Great and Wonderful USOC has apologized to Ravelry and the knitting community for smiting knitters in our quest for olympic knitting greatness. Just stay behind your curtain and let us do what we do. We're harmless unless provoked.
Now that we're done with THAT foolishness let's get down to business. My project, I fear, is not going to be finished by the time the flaming cauldron is cut off from its gas supply.  An aran design knit in 90 degrees plus humidity is like Lochte swimming the 400 in a wool swim suit of the early 1900's. (picture it)
Knitting from the top down (of course, phft!) I have reached past the armhole join about four inches. I've been training with this pattern for a year now but the conditions are slowing me down. I know, I have to push through the pain to achieve my goals but my confidence has taken a hit. A good dose of men's beach volleyball might be just what is needed. You know, to get the adrenaline going. Stay tuned.