Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good Morning! It's a pretty one out there. The drive to work was worthy of picture taking but as I was running just a tad late I had to leave the misty view for another time. I like Thursdays. I basically have the hall to myself save one co-worker who pretty much stays in their office. People who come in are usually less attitude-y than the Monday through Wednesday crowd. One of the Negative Nells' that works here has been up to fetch their mail, whine about it and leave. I ignore them as much as I am able. I have to, they suck the life out of me.

The weather has warmed up and most knitters switch to cotton or other warm weather fibers. I on the other hand, do just the opposite. I want my wools ready to go when the temps get nippy. I don't want to start a warm cozy sweater when I actually need it. Then again, with 50+ sweaters in the closet, "need" isn't the right term.

I like my neckline design for two reasons. One, the I-cord edge gives a sturdier finish. Two, and much more important in my world, you don't muss your hair pulling it on or off. It also gives a nice showcase for the center panel. I like this neckline design for childrens sweaters. No tears from yanking the sweater down over their proportionally larger head to body ratio. I used to hate feeling like my ears were being removed from their post because of my fat little head.

"Are you talking about your fat head again.?"

Friday, April 08, 2011

One of the Better Days

I had a resident come to my office door the other day. She stopped, looked at me then looked down at her shoes. I asked if she had new shoes. She didn't reply but turned her foot to reveal a swoosh of pink glitter. I remarked how fancy they were and asked if they made her run fast. She immediately turned and showed me just how fast she could go. She came back and walked into my office and stood at the window facing the main street. Not a word had been uttered from her. I rolled my chair over to the window and asked if she saw something. No reply but my rolling chair was of interest. She non verbally asked to sit on my lap and we rolled back to my desk, I grabbed some paper and markers. I don't allow residents to sit in my lap but since this one wasn't complaining or yelling at me I made the exception. She drew something abstract and I assisted by drawing animals which she immediately colored in with the pink and yellow hi liter pens. We sat in silence for a good ten minutes and after three sheets of drawings, the gentleman that had escorted my new friend came to fetch her. He had been within eye-shot the whole time and asked her if she was ready to go. Her answer, a resounding "NO". Follow-up questions by the gentleman, who apparently thought he was in charge, each received the answer, "no". No to a ride, no to Dunkin' Donuts, no to giving up the pens. I made a deal that I would hold on to the pens for the next time she came to visit. The deal was accepted and she went with her escort. It was the most pleasant experience I've had with a resident coming into town hall in a long time. By the way, she's two years old.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

It's raining. Not snowing, raining. I believe we're making progress.

I spent the bulk of my day sharing my office with federal, state and local disaster response officials. Fun times.
This was a scheduled exercise set before Japan had their unfortunate accident. Good training for everybody. They dislike having to be in my office as much as I dislike having them there. All the more reason to build a safety facility. If they could find the land I'd help dig the foundation.

So with 90% of my day shot I scrambled to get my world back together before I had to get ready for our meeting. Nuclear disaster drill and Selectboard meeting all in one day. And I wonder why I have a headache.