Monday, November 23, 2009

In My Own Back Yard

We're enjoying incredibly awesome weathah here in New England. I visited one of my favorite walking venues. Old Deerfield, Massachusetts. aka "The Street". The entire street is a museum. Not all of the buildings originated here but the bulk of them stand just where they were built. Back in the 1600's they suffered an attack or two. Ever read "Boy Captive of Deerfield"?
Deerfield Academy. Private coed school. (Yoosta be just boys back in the day. Friday night movies on campus...)
Post Office door.

Post office with it's leaded glass all sparkly.
The store...
The Tavern...
One of several houses to be toured. Actually, this one may be a private residence. Ahh, just knock on the door and see what happens.

Still not having much luck with the gray cardigan. Attempt #2 failed. I'm thinking the wool needs to marinate a little longer since the yarn spirit isn't cooperating. I'm sure I can occupy myself with another project...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cat Logic

Works in progress plus one cat. Poor thing is barely on the couch. Of course there were several other napping venues in the room. None of them had projects. Cat logic.

The grey item is headed for a mulligan. Not loving the design, no, not feeling the love. It looks like one of those big, stiff, scratchy sweaters your grandmother made and you've got to wear it because grandma made it for you. Yeah, it's heading for the frog pond.

The gold item needs a button band. I already have the buttons and unless one of my darling furballs snarfed it out of the bag they should still be there waiting for the button band. After that, a bit of over stitching to hide the fact that I used a ball of a different dye lot at the top and it shows add a fun detail.

I should be making hats and mittens but it's been so gosh darn warm it doesn't feel right.
"You should be doing my bidding never mind that stoopid knitting. In 3 years I've got one knit mouse. It's just not right. You may rub my belly."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Look At The Cat

I've been knitting my fingers to nubs. My "darted" creation came to a crashing halt due to lack of raw materials. OOps. But, oh wait, since I'm designing it, the outcome will be exactly like its supposed to be. I just have to get myself to the LYS (because of course what I want isn't in the stash) to wrap this puppy up! Meanwhile......a chunk of the next project is underway. Did you know I don't have a charcoal grey cardi to go with my charcoal grey slacks? Well, gotta fix that! Thank you, so I will. And some pictures would be nice. In the mean time, look at the cat. He's probably upset because the window insert was put in the door replacing the screen insert he trashed. You can see the wheels spinning in his head. And the nose prints on the glass...