Thursday, January 09, 2014

What Arctic Freeze?

Polar Schmolar! Finally all this woolly goodness I've been playing with is earning its keep. Nothing like popping in a DVD, hunkering down in my favorite pajama pants, turtle neck and a cozy warm sweater. I trade the flannel jammie pants for dress slacks to do that work thing Monday-Friday but the rest of the outfit is the same. Cranking out all those cowls last fall? BONUS!! Oh wait, you don't know about the cowls because I didn't take the time to ramble on and on about them when they were flying off the needles. Well, my bad.
Here's the other mass produced project I've filled my downtime with....
Teeny sweaters with hats. This is half the production. The other half went to an organization that will sell them for a non-profit fund raising. Figured I might as well help some wee folks out while I'm at it.

I snagged some cotton yarn, (admittedly, not my favorite fiber to work with) and producing what I will call "Spring 1 pour moi". Long sleeve tunics, one turtleneck and one notch neckline for those unpredictable months of  March, April and May. I'm not sure if there will be a "Spring 2" as we tend to jump from winter directly to summer around here.
Until next time...layer up!