Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taming the Steek

This project went from cardigan to pullover back to cardigan. I've seen several versions of steek finishing on the internet.
Well, here's how I did it. I'm sure there's many other ways but it worked and that's what counts.
I sewed grosgrain ribbon on each side of the garment over the steek. (Right side facing)

Cut the steek...

Sewed the ribbon onto the inside....

Put on the finishing touches and blocked. This pic shows the colors more accurately.

This shot shows the seamless set in sleeve. The stitch pattern blends in well and will hold the shape better than my plain stockinette sweater.

I have the material for the skirt and as soon as I'm finished with my spring fling sweater/jacket--yeah, it's another one of those out-of-my-imagination creations that will morph several times before it's called done so I'll save the torture for the end. Never made a skirt. Hope I can handle a tube. Luckily WEBS still had the color and amount in Cascade 220 that I think I need. Met a friend of mine from high school there and then we did lunch. If you're ever in Northampton MA, stop and walk Main St. It has everything. Great restaurants, unique shops...and lots of traffic but many places to park. You could hike it from WEBS but it would be quite a hike. Personally, it's a shame there aren't eateries closer to it. I think Noho is missing economic potential. WEBS is such a huge draw and we knitters like to eat! Help keep up our strength from all the wool fumes!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Long Weekend

February in New England is interesting. Temperatures range from the single digits with wind chills below zero to the mid 50's with fog so thick you can't see the house across the street. This can all happen in long weekend. Stuck in the house because it's too cold, too wet, too foggy. At the moment we are in the 40's and falling fast with a snow squall twirling large flakes in a frenetic dance outside my office window. Feels like I'm on the inside of a snowglobe. The snowbanks are dirty and unappealing. Mood levels turn negative and impatience is high. We've had enough and are ready for the season to change.
So when your stuck in the house on a long weekend and you're a knitter, you're at an advantage. Projects are finished, new ones started and the cat gets to sit in your lap all day. Everyone is happy. My cardigan with 2 color rib that became a henley is back to a cardigan. Once it's finished blocking I will attempt to post my tutorial as lacking in steps as it is. It's too heavy to wear now which is okay because I want to knit a skirt to go with it. Unless we go back to arctic conditions, I'll have to put it away.
The snow squall has stopped. Who knows what will show up next! Oh, the Russian Coat? Frogged. Too fiddly for my impatience. I hate sewing stuff together and each hexagon has a seam. The used wool has been washed and once dry I'll rewind into balls. I'm working on my own version. I think there will be shortrowing involved.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Now We Are 1

We celebrated birthdays! Beau and Andrew are one.

Top photo: April 2007. Bottom: February 2008. They were 6 weeks old when I got them I'm guessing birthday is somewhere near the first week of February.

Bitterly cold here in W. MA. Won't last long. The snow squall yesterday was a little freaky. Spent a lovely morning in Northampton having brunch at Union Station. Sunny and clear. Even ditched the heavy wool coat. Went to the mall in Hadley. Meandered back home and noticed the ominous dark clouds to the west. I was home maybe a half hour and darkness decended. I looked outside and saw nothing but white snow coming in horizontally and the wind howling. Lasted quite awhile. Didn't disturb my knitting one bit.

The cardi I was working on has turned into a henley pullover. (stay with me here)It's going to be too warm to wear past February, more of a late fall/winter top. Putting on the finishing touches. And then it's on to an item I saw in the Vogue 2007 Holiday issue. The Russian coat by Norah Gaughan. It's stunning. Not using her yarn suggestions. They're beautiful but mine's going to be wild. Where hers is rich and earthy mine will scream. Call it what you will. It's a very elegant style and I'm hoping a change in color won't change that aspect. Won't know until we try, right?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ain't No Sunshine

Since the sun refuses to shine on us I've resorted to craptastic flash shots-yuk. This current w.i.p. has an interesting beginning. I'm anxious to see how it turns out. Doesn't it make Gracie look slim?

My wrist gave out on the two color ribbing so I went back to a seed stitch sleeve. Duh, it's still knit/purl!
The sweater below is the same color combination as stated in the last post. It's been perfect for this weather.
Detail of the neck two color ribbing-blurry of course. I cast off in purl, it looked better than knit.
And my make-it-up-as-I-go pattern on the front and sleeves.
I really should start doing lighter weight non-wool items but as long as it stays cold damp and dreary I will continue. Besides, it's all I have in my stash.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday?

Voting day here in Massachusetts. The building I work in is also the polling destination for the town. Busy, busy, busy. By far the most turnout in the 2 years I've worked here. It's a Town Clerk's worst nightmare. The day begins around 6am and ends anytime after midnight. Even with freezing rain and treacherous driving conditions the voters are doing their civic duty. Kudos! And yes, I voted in my own town before I came to work.
I wish I had a pic to show of the charcoal grey with fern green design around body & sleeves raglan style sweater. It is done. Blocked. Has been worn. Next on the sticks is a set- in -sleeve -top -down -jacket. The upper section and sleeves is seed stitch. I'm throwing in a 2 color 3x1 rib from the bust down. It's a corsety effect. With a steek! I've only steeked once before. My game plan is an I-cord finish and incorporating floating I-cord as the button loops. It works in my brain, we'll see how it goes. Color? Fern green as the main color and charcoal grey as the purl rib and I-cord. Yeh, I bought the same amount of Cascade 220 in each color and they look fab together. Well, my opinion of course. Pictures would help, I know.
I'll be building a boat tonight as it is supposed to rain torrents tomorrow and with the ice and snow it will have nowhere to go but my cellar.