Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Short Note

Helloooooo! Sorry about the lack of posts but I started a new job, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah.
I FINALLY got the body of Kiwi finished and one sleeve. Pic coming of that soon. The lacy socks are done and hopefully my feet won't gain any weight cuz there's not alot of stretch. Sock of the day is another Lana Grossa Mega Boot with 2x2 rib starting from the toe.
The weather has been horribly hot--August weather. Way too soon for my taste.
For the Memorial Day weekend my family and I went to the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory. Wow, the website doesn't do it justice. A must do if in Western Mass.
Will attempt to post pic progress soon. Bear with me folks...

Friday, May 19, 2006

They're Not Just My Imagination

I continue to knit on Kiwi, actually, I'm not quite sure it's knitting because you see, I knit 4 rows and tink 3 rows to correct a flaw. I at least have a pic of the lace rib (can you say blurry?)that I borrowed from Wendy. (See her entry on May 16) Eventually this will grow to about 5". If the Gods be willing.

My F&F sock #2 is coming along ...

I'm using size 0 needle a 9sts per inch, you'll have to search for the Red Sox socks to find out what the yarn is as the ball bands are long gone. I've had several Dr's appointments and these have travelled beautifully. No misbehaving what-so-ever.

The same cannot be said about Kiwi. I'm bitter. But determined. String will NOTget the best of me!

So there you have it. It continues to rain and I thank my lucky stars that A) I live on a hill and B)my cellar has stayed dry.
Web's tent sale this weekend, whoo hoo! Back to scrounge for more Regia sock yarn and whatever else the budget will allow.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Something Wicked This Way Comes.....

I'm having bad knitting karma. Kiwi, my top down raglan, is starting to give me fits. I got past the initial problems from the top with the double increases and have been diligently trying to make a simple lacy pattern on the bottom 5" using k2 tog yo across. One, it was killing my hands but looked nice so I persevered. I finally got to the bottom and decided a try on was in order. And there it was, looking back at me from the mirror. I squinted and rubbed the stitching, it couldn't be! A glaring boo-boo half way thru the pattern. And I could hear it laughing, softly at first until it was full out snorting "Bwahahahahahahahah" No ignoring it, no easy way to fix it, and frogging back to pick up the stitches would be miraculous to say the least. Well, I couldn't wrap my brain around how I was going to pick them up successfully. Upon further observation I had gained stitches on one side to the point that it was becoming a one sided double-breasted front. It has been frogged--I am NOT going to do the same lace pattern. Back to the drawing board.
Needless to say I still don't have any worthy pics to upload. It's rained in New England for a week. Everything's nice and green and yes the sun will continue to rise and set regardless what happens with Kiwi. Until next time....knit.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Take Two and This Time Without the Whining

Here's what I was whining about in the previous post.

The Inca's with picot edge.

The Cotton Sockatta's with picot edge. Harlot, if your here you're also on the coffee table, see?

Detail of the poncho, wait for it.....

with a picot edge on the bottom and around the neckline.

The pic does not do it justice, the varigated section is very bright and it's an Irish border design but looks more Aztec, but it's not. And last but not least....

My RED SOX !!! These were a hit at the office. They're also great for swinging and whooping in the living room when big Papi is slammin' it over the wall. Kinda like twirling a towel at the Patriot's game. I should merchandise these....hmmmm.
So there you have it. Progress is being made on Kiwi--the top down raglan and I'll get a pic of that as soon as there is something to look at and the Feather & Fan sock didn't get much attention today. Tomorrow is another day...

What the Heck?!?....

Okay, I'm fairly patient when it comes to computer problems because having been in those techie shoes, I know the drill. But after finally getting online Saturday from home, and loading all my pics of finished projects that you've missed, adding in my thoughts and comments, and going to the SAVE button because I figured I was pushing the envelope--THE STUPID CONNECTION FAILED! Could I get back on? NO! I'm posting this from another location. No pics and it's not half as interesting without seeing: the Inca's-finished, the Cotton Sockatta's with picot edge-finished, the Poncho-finished and the Boston Red Sox socks-finished.
I have started a pair of Feather & Fan with the leftover white from the Sox socks, starting the design on the instep. I didn't think walking on the lacy part would be too comfy. I also started a top down raglan. As I am an Anti-Seamer I have always gone bottom up via Elizabeth Zimmerman. Time to give Barbara Walker a shot. So far I've ripped that puppy out 3 times. Material is light worsted, Cascade Peruvian Merino in a heathered lime green. Oh, did I not mentioned that I tootled around Web's Saturday morning after I got off the phone with the Techie at my local ISP? Regia sock yarn for $6 a 100 gram skein people! I hoarded as much as the budget allowed and found the Cascade at an amazing $4.69 per hank. I was absolutely giddy.
Yeah, then I went back home and tried to blog--total disaster. To perk up my mood I went back to knitting and my Red Sox, they won thank you for asking. Played Baltimore this weekend and it was good to see Kevin Millar again--I still miss him.