Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I Have Officially Ended Summer

Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold....Summer couldn't make up its mind. Now that we're winding it down it's hot again. Brian the Weatherman says that's going to change this week. Back to days in the 70's and nights in the 40's. Perfect.

I've been rather absent haven't I? I've been busy. I added three cotton sweaters to my collection and I'm 2/3 through another.

I checked kayaking off my unwritten, unofficial bucket list. I love to be out on the water. Peace and quiet. Something I can do by myself, well, with all the other kayakees frolicking across different bodies of water around here. You're alone but not, which is good if you do something incredibly stupid and fall in the water someone might help you out. Good to have another obsession besides knitting. And I could do both at once! I tried parking my kayak in my favorite spot and reading. Had the book, the snack, the gorgeous day...but forgot the reading glasses back on shore. I'm sure the book enjoyed the view and ride around the cove. Who wouldn't? And here's another thing, it means I go OUTSIDE WILLINGLY. Houseplant that I am this is rather remarkable.

Projects around the house have been generally ignored. The mulching of the "back 40" is 80% done. Looks good and BONUS POINTS, I don't have to mow it any more. Sadly, it was the only part of the yard that wasn't experiencing the oozing spread of weeds. I have spent more money on lawn products and applied them faithfully, in the right order, during the right months as it instructs on the bags and have been blessed with not one but TWO different types of weeds. It's crazy. I'm not doing it any more. I'll cover it all in mulch. The squirrels will have an easier time burying their booty. Win win for all.

So until the start of the next season, let's see, in New England winter starts in October, keep your sweaters and your flip flops handy.