Monday, December 29, 2008

Time to Ring in the New Year

Western MA got alot of rain over the weekend to seriously damage the nice fluffy snow. On the plus side I gained a snowman (compliments of my niece)in my backyard because it was VERY packy. He has a frenchy beret thing going. His eyes are roasted chestnuts, or shall I say over roasted chestnuts that smoked the house up and made it smell kinda like burnt popcorn and exactly like burnt chestnuts. So much for bringing Dickens in to Christmas. One strike against the microwave version. The oven roasted nuts were fine accompanied by a Pinot Noir.

Now here's a gift...

Beau gold in Tiffany blue.
Nobody in the house got anything from Tiff's so heaven knows where the bag came from. I think Beau looks grand don't you?
The holiday (read: food) went on for days. Wednesday: Lasagna; Thursday:Lasagna again; Friday: Lasagna...again and bacon*; Saturday: Baked Ham and fixins; Sunday: holiday buffet complete with ricotta pie, turtle cheesecake. No lasagna on the buffet-phew.
*Not planned. In re-arranging the freezer the 4 lbs of bacon was left out and defrosted prompting a marathon bacon cooking session. Being one of my favorite smells I didn't have a problem with it. Too bad the burnt chestnuts took over.....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As Ready As I'll Ever Be

A view during the storm on 12/19.

Add a foot of snow to the top of the garage (and everywhere else!) and that's where we stand today. Figure in a wind chill at -5. Funny, Beau and Andrew haven't asked to go out on the porch.
The shopping is done. The schedule is set(unless the weather in un-cooperative). Patience-gone. Knitting is steady. Did I tell about the flamingo colored cardigan? Yes, I did. Still no picture. 'Magine that. All the jewelry present ideas...psbtbt! Maybe next year. Still trying to master some techniques. It's getting there just not to my satisfaction. Okay, I'm ready.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Present Revealed

I received a phone call at work yesterday from my mom asking me if I had left red sock yarn out at home. I pinched my eyebrows together and replied,"no, why?" Her reply, "Well, there was a skein on the second floor landing and one in the cellar." Mom didn't find the stash drawer open, it was a puzzle. Then it hit me. Andrew. Only Andrew could open two plastic bags to steal two hanks of sock yarn out of my bedroom on the second floor, deposit one on the landing and carry the other downstairs, through the cat door and into his room in the cellar. "Uh, Merry Christmas mom. Those were supposed to go in your stocking. I'll have a chat with Andrew when I get home."
"What sock yarn?"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


A contented Beau watching the snow fall. Or maybe our resident squirrel.
We're gearing up for another big one. Fill the tub with water! Get the lanterns and candles ready. Batteries. Non refrigerated food. Mindless knitting.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

London Town

Who knew London was so hilly? This is the neighborhood of Ebenezer Scrooge. The gaslights glow around the parks (there's more than one) and are perfect for an evening walk.

With a flash view it loses its ambience. Big Ben on the left keeps pretty good time....if you put a fresh battery in.
My cats have behaved as well as they can with all that temptation. The village continues to the left and back farther to the right. The excess snow has settled and been vacuumed or de-linted from every possible surface.
I'm working on one of those projects where you knit, knit, knit and it seems to never get longer. That's the reason there is no picture, it doesn't look like anything yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, December 08, 2008

London's Calling

The construction of Dicken's London is ongoing in my living room. Apparently snow was heavy this year because it's everywhere in the house. When finished there will be no room to place Christmas gifts under the tree. Pics of London at a later date.

My gryffindor inspired sweater has no buttons. They're in my purse. Although the distance between my purse and sweater are mere feet I have not joined the two. Could it be my mojo is

waining? Hmmm, more like a case of startitis. I have another project or two going but indeed having issues finishing things up. Probably because I need another sweater like a can finish that sentence. I'm thinking the London snow is not enhancing the pic or the sweater, but that's just me. (I can't stand it, it's EVERYWHERE!)
In our effort to conserve heat in the Town Hall I constructed a pair of fingerless mitts to wear on our frostier days.

The pattern is a broken rib and the yarn is a cotton/acrylic. Not wool? No, these will get filthy and I want to just throw them in the laundry. Yes, I've heard of superwash wool but I didn't have any at hand and as you can see they are constructed of bits and pieces of other items. I made of bunch of hats for our Warm the Children collection out of the original skeins. Did you notice the bracelet? Did you? I taught myself to do a bit of stringing. I call this creation my Chanel bracelet. Matte black and pearl white beads with a touch of gold for bling. I prefer to create wire jewelry but want to explore other venues because you never know when it will become helpful. There are those that knit with wire. I can't say I cherish anything I've seen yet.
I doooo like chain maille. I'm hoping Santa will put a Byzantine Chain Maille kit in my stocking this year.
If you'll excuse me I have to get the lint roller and remove the snow....from everything.