Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Long Weekend Accomplishments

During the New Year's weekend I managed to get 4 fun fur scarves done, (with size 11 needles it's not that hard) so my 4 year old niece will have "boas" for dress up. I also found a mitten from my toddler years that I was able to recreate and improve upon. It had been ages since I had done Shaker stitch and this little mitten worked out very well. I also managed to get the remaining Christmas decorations down and the place cleaned, rang in the New Year and attended a lovely brunch that lasted until 4 in the afternoon.--a very successful weekend. I will try to get a pic of the mittens and include a before and after for comparison. I have no idea if the original was store bought or handmade, I want to say handmade as there were no tags or remanents of one being cut out. Checked with Mom and she says store bought. She should know.

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