Friday, February 10, 2006

On The Other Hand...

My premier shrug came out beautifully, loads of compliments. Decided a slim I-cord finish aroung the edge would work fine.
On the other hand, my attempt at a criss cross shrug, very popular, even my hair stylist heard about it, a non-knitter but I love her anyway, failed and I'm trying to figure where I went wrong. Gauge was perfect but the math did not work. 75" x 12", 18.5" seamed for each arm end, that's 37" used up leaving 38" for the center. Unless you're the size of a 5 year old this does not fit. I queried the pattern originator and received a lovely response that if I look at the picture it's stretched a bit to fit. HuH! I pity the model after that shoot. I went on my own and ended up with a center section 60"! Almost twice the pattern! And you know, the bloody thing doesn't stay put. Annoying to wear. Not one to give up, I tried again using 1 strand instead of two thinking maybe the tension was too tight? Nah, still ended up with 60" in the center. I like the lighter weight but it creeps up and shifts like it's trying to get away. Stretched a bit my eye. I would have been better off just looking at the picture and winging it like I usually do and then wouldn't have gotten myself in such a fuss over the instructions.

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