Monday, September 04, 2006

Are you still there?

Wow. I am a bad blogger. My apologies to those of you that used to visit and if you haven't given up I am going to try to get back on track. I've had a "distraction" over the summer. This "distraction" took away alot of knitting time, and was worth it but now hunting season is coming and I don't it will be back to knitting. I' m seeing a hunter-my friends' who know me better than my family-their teeth just fell out. I have been tubing down the Deerfield (I've always wanted to and it was a blast) I have been through the woods on an ATV-again, lots of fun and a bit of four wheeling, nothing major but it's amazing how tight a space in the woods a Ford F350 will fit. Simply amazing. I have seen beautiful deer in their natural state and will probably see them on a dinner plate. And yes, I like venison. For those of you who are reading and saying "yeh, so?" I'm not a rough and tumble kind of girl. I don't own a pair of sneakers(they kill my feet) it's heels and silk blouses and such. I went shopping today and bought: Teva sandals-very comfy, not as sexy as a pair of liz claiborne pumps but walking the river bed with my "distraction" is much easier; comfortable hiking boots, not that we've gone hiking but I want to be ahead of the game and they'll be great this winter; and another pair of water resistant shoes that aren't too hideous. Unbelievably practical footwear--it's just so not me.
Back to what we're here for--the knitting!

My progress is cotton socks but with the hurricane rain and the cooler temps the wool yarn will be put back on the needles. These are Sockattas I believe-who knows, the ball bands escaped a long time ago.
Regia's are on the needles now--just started.
So there you are. No I haven't changed my whole life for the "distraction" just opened a new door. I still have my heels!

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