Monday, January 15, 2007

Must Be Another Holiday

I'm blogging, therefore it must be another holiday. I wish the day were brighter as I have been knitting my little heart out. There are XXL Trekking socks everywhere, I bought all the colors that WEBS had and am impatiently waiting for them to get the spring colors. I have--oh heck, wait a minute I'll take less than satifactory picture. A group picture of my Jazz cardigan, an Araucania V-neck pullover and socks. One of the socks is a Regia charcoal grey with Feather & Fan cuff and a picot edge finish. On the blocking table is another Araucania crew neck pullover in variegated greens, I call it Fern, maybe a pic of that on, let's see, what's the next holiday--Memorial Day in May. Well, maybe I can come up with something before then. I have two more Trekking socks in progress. One is in my purse and the other is in the knitting basket. Well, actually it's in my lap as I type. I have been following the Blue Moon situation and find it utterly amazing. You go girls.
Ah, here we go. May I present my current FO's?

Sorry about the flash but it's much to grey and gloomy to get a good natural light pic. You're not getting any of the detail though I must say from my monitor the colors aren't that far off. The V-neck has a cuff and lower body design of a modified Honeycomb pattern I found in Barbara Walkers Treasury of Knitting patterns that I received for Christmas. The Jazz has Feather & Fan design and has received many compliments. Both articles were knit from the top down. The Araucania is 100%wool and very lightweight compared to the Jazz which is alpaca.
And that 's what I've been up to. And yes, all the socks have mates.

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