Monday, July 16, 2007

When We Were Young

I was blog surfing and stopped to read Yarn Harlot today. She has a "No TV" rule that I thought all parents had abandoned after I grew up. Bless the Harlot. It got me to thinking what I used to do when TV ban was in place when I was younger. My best friend and I would get on our bikes, stop and pick wild berries, eat most of them, take the rest to one of our homes and bake something with our booty and clean up the kitchen because that was the rule. Some arts and crafty thing would be done. Her mom would buy "cooler" craft projects like toxic plastic dipping stuff that you made flowers out of, I think it was called Dip It. Her mom was a scout leader so she knew lots of natural crafty projects too. In fact, I still have a little cat sculpture made of a spikey material for a body and pine cone petal ears and feet. It used to have a twirly grapevine tail but that fell off years ago. It's full of dust because you can't dust the spikey thing--ahem, I'm getting off track. These are things we did because "we had nothing to do" (insert whine here). And we LIVED and now I look back and wish I could hop on my bike and go to S's house and do it again. We don't live in the same area as we grew up, in fact, she lives in another state/world. We didn't wear helmets while riding our bikes. Got in plenty of accidents. Didn't blame anyone but ourselves and laughed more than we ever do today. We get together and still laugh and for a little while go back to being 10 except now we could care less about TV.

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