Monday, March 31, 2008

My Artsy Fartsy Design

A while back I had great aspirations to make a Norah Goghan design but bailed because I'm lazy and deemed it fiddly for me. Gadzooks I had to sew seams together!(it's a gorgeous rich design called the Russian Coat from Vogue Holiday 2007) But I took the idea and rattled it around in my brain. Here's what I came up with. Constructed top down as a raglan, round neck then extended to a point with a couple of button holes then decreased it back until I got sick of that.
I dislike the tell tale short row line on the back . I have since learned several other versions of shortrowing that are not as visible.

This fuzzy detail is the double I-cord. A floaty operation that was enjoyable to do and gave the sweater an interesting detail.
Oh, you noticed there are no pictures showing the sleeves? Well, they're long. No, they're looooonnnngggg. I've rolled them up and ya know, looks good!
The yarn is Ella Rae and to be honest, it was not as enjoyable to work with the colored skeins as the off white for my Sea Urchin pinwheel sweater was. It's a good lazy day sweater to throw on.

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