Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Technical Difficulties

My digi-camera is giving me fits. I can't get a non-blurry photo to save myself. (and no, it's not the operator, the camera has outlived it's usefulness.) I have a sweater and jewelry to show! The quilt is 85% done. Hitting the Bennington Quilt Show this weekend in hopes to find a border stencil that tickles my fancy.
Wool wearing temps arrived this morning, whoohoo! For some reason I didn't wear any, huh. Not like I don't have plenty of new items to debut. I wonder why I didn't grab that zip up cardi?Well that's just going to bug me now.
Last night I started a project I'm hoping will become a zip up vest. The short-row shoulders are done and steeks are in place. I chose an off-white worsted (Cascade 220) and have decided on two 2" texture patterns alternating. Good ole seed stitch and peppercorn. I want the fit to be huggy so there will be plenty of shaping. The camera and I are going to have to come to terms because the budget is not going to allow for a new one. Talking and describing a project only goes so far.

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