Tuesday, May 19, 2009

While I Was Away...

I took a spring break and managed to stay out of trouble.
Finished. (had to wear it this morning due to temp drop. Mmmm, toasty.)
99% there. Needs button band/buttons. I should be done with it by now but steeking cotton causes me to pause and REALLY THINK IT THROUGH.
There were 50 gazillion ends to weave in. Note to self: no stripes for awhile. Hard to tell from the piled-like-a-lump picture but it's a cropped cardi with a slip stitch design.
Stash busting project. Fingerweight merino. Not enough of any one color to complete so there will be color changes. It will have a zipper in the front but not full length. Zip will start at mid chest and zip into turtleneck collar.
"I'll just hold the ball down for her."

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