Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wrapping Up 2009

2009 knitting has come to a close. Everything that needed this and that has been done.
From the top: red turtleneck pullover, Valley Yarns "Longmeadow". Last time you saw it, it was soaking in the sink. Next, grey cardigan, Cascade 220. This one had the red ink accident. Onward, "Turtle" green cardigan, Cascade 220 (my favorite color--I have too much of it.)Started out with the buttons and went from there. On the bottom of the pile is a gold cardigan with dark brown accents. The story on this one is that I goofed and pulled a skein from a different dye lot sheep opening an opportunity to be creative with some overstitching. Once again Cascade 220. I will be submitting singular pics of each on the "Done Stuff" page as soon as I think of it.
Welcome to 2010 everyone.
(The red pullover was such a favorite I have a blue one on the sticks. )

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