Friday, February 19, 2010

Aside From Knitting

I am obsessed with the Winter Olympics. Obsessed I tell you. And I'm obsessed with events that aren't the the general public favorites. EVERYBODY watches downhill with its slalom, giant slalom, super G, blah, blah, blah and figure skating-pairs, girls, boys....but not for me. For me it is: Curling and Snowboard. Now there's opposite ends of the athletic spectrum.

I like to think that I could do both. At almost 50 I may not be able to pull off any snowboard tricks in the halfpipe but snowboard cross looks like BIG FUN. It reminds me of when my sister and I were much younger and would stand in our snowboats (which was a new invention back in the what, late 60's? Before that we had sleds with runners and flying saucers, metal ones that send you down the hill spinning. They also hurt when your nasty little sister flings hers at you and it hits you in the mouth. Don't worry, I took revenge. ) and "surf" down the hill, off the jump and land somewhere other than in the boat because (now let's see today's snowboarders could handle this) there wasn't anything to bolt your boots TO the boat. I'd post a pic of a snowboat but I can't find one that looks like mine. YES I still have it. And my sister's.

Now, if you look up Curling, it's compared to shuffleboard, golf, chess, bowling. There's strategy, thinking ahead of the game, and a really cute guy on the Canadian team. It takes me the whole of the Olympics to figure out the scoring and the positions. I'll forget by 2014 and start all over again. There is a club in Petersham MA but it's almost an hour away, wah, wah, wah. Like golf, I love to watch the competitions. My only negative comment? What's with all the yelling? And how about Hawaiian shirts for uniform? Perk it up a bit. The Danish gals wore cutey skirts. Gave it some trendy standing. Something to work on.
Now excuse me, I'm going to get a beverage, my knitting olympics project and watch me some currrrlinggg.

"Mid-life crises. Just sayin'."

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