Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time Flies When You're Shoveling

Seems all I do these days is shovel. Shovel and knit. Knit and shovel. I like to knit much more than shovel but what is a New Englander to do?

My actual knitting  has slowed considerably due to adjustments needed on  recently finished objects. Hems were flipping up. Necklines curling back. Fussy stuff. All is where it should be now.

The last project I mentioned, the Vined Aran, required serious blocking. Who designed this thing? Whacking out all those cables and surrounding them with seed stitch? Cables pull in, seed stitch spreads out. It was an upper body workout on the blocking table. As soon as I get the buttons on I'll break out the camera for show and tell.

After finishing the Vined Aran I was very depressed. I knew there was nothing left in my stash. Well, until I decided to clean it out and sort yarns by weight. Let me back up. My yarn is stored in rolling plastic file bins. In the beginning they were somewhat organized. Time has changed that and they are in need of a reorg. Four of the bins are white. Off to the right I have a shorter black version. Guess what I found? More Cascade 220 just waiting to be knit in the little black bin! The day was saved and the sorting will wait until I've pillaged the black bin. By that time I will be ready to make my Scrap Sweaters. I'll have lots of little bits of this and that. For some reason I can't make myself knit scrappish versions using full banded hanks. Doesn't seem right. I know, that's silly. What are you going to do? I would like to change the description-scrap doesn't sound creative or positive. It makes me envision food scraps. Bleh. I'll work on a better description.

I"ll think about it while I'm shoveling.

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