Thursday, February 02, 2012

Well That's A Heck Of A Start To A New Year

 I let the whole month of January slip by without saying a word. Apparently I had nothing to say. I've knit plenty having gathered all my odds and ends of worsted weight wool into a big canvas bag.
 Blanket time. A round blanket of stripes.
A striped yoke with a slip stitch design for a yet to be finished cardigan.
 The bag of leftover balls of yarn doesn't seem to be going down. I'm beginning to suspect the cats are finding more leftovers and are stuffing them into the bag when I'm not looking. I'm not complaining but the items I've worked on are fairly good size and yet it appears I haven't made a dent in the supply.
The odd weather continues here with this being February and there being not a smidge of snow on the ground. Temperatures hit 50 late yesterday. I guess the ginormous snowstorm we had in October of 2011 was our allotment. So be it.
Now back to that bag of leftover yarn....

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