Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Amazing

What a summer! Can't say I'm going to miss it and hope the door hit it in the butt on the way out. We weren't tortured with the horrible storms of last summer but the humidity and heat? Geesh! Enough already. 
At least you can breath in and out without feeling you need to take a shower and a nap. 

Anyhoo. I did something yesterday I haven't done since last spring. I PUT ON A CARDIGAN. A CARDIGAN FRESH OFF THE BLOCKING TABLE. No photo proof yet. I need to put a finishing touch on it. Later, promise.
What I can show you is an amazing process. Below is a ball of wool. Just a few yards of fiber spun and dyed. I picked up two sticks with a plastic cable connecting the two. I made some loops on the sticks.

 I wove the loops this way and that to create a fabric tube.
 I added tubes of knitted fabric and cut the largest tube up the middle of what I called the front. I picked up more loops and wove some more.

 When I finished the woven tubes I had a cardigan to wear when the tank tops are put away; socks replace flip flops and soup is on the stove.

And then I started the process all over again. 

I don't care how many years I do this, it NEVER gets old. 

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