Thursday, March 28, 2013

No, It Really is Spring

Regardless of the solid precipitation and receding snow on the ground I can tell spring is here. We only see cardinals in the yard in the spring and they wouldn't make such a heinous mistake. Most think of them as a winter bird and that may be so but they only visit my yard in the spring. I will leave the snow shovel on the back porch until mid-April. I put it away two weeks ago and we had 6" of snow fall as a result. My bad.

 The snow came just as we turned the clocks ahead. Gives me more time to come home from work and play the camera as the sun is going down. What gorgeous deep purple shadows were cast on the snow covered yard and garage roof!
 The last blast of snow seemed to clean the air. The ground hog is taking alot of grief for the false early spring prediction but I suspect he just doesn't care.

Here's some spring...
 and here...
 and here.

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