Saturday, July 08, 2006

I've Got A Feelin'

A feeling deep inside, oh yeah. (Beatles, you know what I'm talking about.) This Shapely Top is just not going as expected. It still looks gigantic and I have the sneaking suspicion that I'm not going to have enough string to finish even though I've calculated and recalculated and it comes out that I have more than enough. My sock never fails me though.

As I was watching my Red Sox "bleach" the White Sox last night I knit the left armhole longer than the right. It was a late game, what can I say. There's just evilness surrounding this project I tell you. I can feel it!

And here's the "Boy Colors" socks. MMMmmm, there was a bit of chill in the air this morning so I had to put them on.

In the background is part of my backyard. The plants surrounding the maple tree (which also serves as my clothesline pole) are Christmas cacti. Most of them are in bloom. They love it outdoors all summer. I'm in hopes to turn some of that green turf into a crushed stone patio(mowing-not my thing). I like the sound the stones make when walked on. Reminds me of the driveway at my Grandparents camp which was made of crushed clamshells. So many projects. Cuts into my knitting time.

I was interviewed at my new job by the town newsletter. I was asked what I like to do and I lit up and said, "I knit!". And what else do you do? "Um, hmmm" Well you must do something else! "No, not really". It was rather a dull story but okay by me. It's a small town and I don't need everyone knowing my business. They've got enough on their minds knowing everyone elses business.


Kelly said...

Love the color you chose for your top! The socks came out great. What else is there besides knitting lol!

Anonymous said...

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