Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bang Bang Bang

For two entire days that's what we've listened to. Yes, it's July 4th weekend. I love fireworks but I've had my fill of my neighbors' incessant obsession. I'm also worried that he's going to hurt himself or set someone's house on fire. Not mine, I live far enough down the street.
I have no knitting pics to show you, not for lack of knitting, there is a sock done and another almost halfway, no, I haven't taken any pictures--plain and simple. For the first time in weeks it has not rained a single drop. I have enjoyed the outdoors and the breezes for hours on end. I have a great backyard with trees and gardens and a swing with a canopy--spa-ness. (note: as an esthetician I know spa!) The solar powered fountain gurgles and plops and the hummingbirds zingzing from feeder to flowers. They take a rest on my clothes line then zingzing away. I had plenty of yard work to do but I completely ignored it to enjoy the day, so there.
I checked in on Yarn Harlot and learned some interesting things about Canada--check it out. There's a nice pic of Lucy on Wendyknits and the Mason Dixon site has baby bluebirds. So, from all of our blogs there seems to be more to life than can that be?

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