Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day and Knitting

I arrived at work at 7:45 am and the parking lot (quite sizeable) was full. Voters everywhere! I've lived thru 2 elections since I started this job and this is really amazing. My office is just inside the front door of the Town Hall--voting central, so I have listened to all the commentary and opinions, laughed (to myself) at some, rolled my eyes at others. Everyone has an opinion. As they should. As long as they don't attempt to cram it down someone elses throat.
How does this relate to knitting? Off the top of my head it doesn't other than I'd rather be knitting, I have a sock in process under my desk. There'd be hell to pay if I took that puppy out and ripped off a couple rounds--the tax payers of this town are not paying me to knit. They really should considering the *crap* I put up with some of them. Not all, just some. We've got one gentlemen worried about trees on another resident's property that aren't bothering the owner and are not a threat to another living sole in town. I've heard this gentlemen's story every day for a week. He needs to be told to mind his own business but I've never seen this covered in Secretarial training. I'm sure he'll be in today. Can't wait!
Another resident didn't like how a litigation turned out (not her way of course) so she will be in to tell those who'll listen how stupid we are. Think it would be okay to say "I'm rubber and your glue..."? Rats, didn't think so. And let's not get into the sewer bills that were just issued....
No, I'd MUCH rather be knitting. On the needles? Regia socks, swatching for Warm the Children and winding Jazz for a top down cardigan. Yeah, I still haven't got to that-Hey I've been busy! I will say that I do like my Trekking XXL socks (finished yesterday) and would purchase the wool again.

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