Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Leaves Are Falling

Fall in New England. 'Nuff said.
One hat is done for the Warm the Children project and I'm attempting a top down mitten to go with it but have developed a brain cramp at the thumb opening. I need to read my regular cuff up pattern to get around this. It's all good.
What's all this to-do about Rhinebeck? Sounds like fun and will have to see what the weather is going to do before I decide to make the trek. If memory serves me right there is a Fibertwist happening in Deerfield next weekend.
Busloads of leaf peepers have passed my office window the past couple weeks but by this weekend it will come to an end. This year they should have scheduled Deer-peeper buses--they're everywhere! My new found scouting techniques have saved me more than a few car wrecks I'll tell you. Deer don't use crosswalks and don't look both ways before crossing the road.
One of my dearest friends from High School called me last night, and guess what? She lives near Cherry Tree Hill . Heh, heh.

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