Friday, March 09, 2007

What to Wear, What to Wear

Here we have it. And this is an old photo as you can see by the date in the lower right corner.

The two sweaters are Nature's Wool and the poncho is an Alpaca blend who's originator escapes me. Love it but does that baby shed! It's light, soft and fuzzy...I have made an interesting discovery. The poncho is no heavier than the two sweaters but it never fails, I wear the poncho all day, as I would the sweaters and at least one person will ask me if I'm cold. I reply "no" then chuckle because they just assume that the poncho is outerwear? Maybe it's the fuzzy feature, yeh, that may translate as heavy. We'll go with that.
So I have the Top Down Raglan style down, time to try something new. Currently on the big project needles is a Top Down Set In Sleeve all at once pullover. Nature's Wool again in a light blue to teal and THIS time I am working with two balls at once to avoid variances in color which is inevitable with varigated hand dyed. Just ask Purling Swine. She knows. I have the fortune of living close to WEBS and can spread hanks out on the floor to get the closest match. Those ordering on line do not.
Of course there are several socks in progress, the pocketbook traveling sock and the living room basket socks. I also bought lace weight yarn and am gathering the courage for my first "real" lace project.
So as long as this Arctic Blast lasts in western Massachusetts I have plenty to keep me warm. Time to start working on spring/summer items.....
What's that? What about the long cardi? Eh hem. Let me just say, if I think the yarn is ugly as a hank, no amount of knitting talent changes that fact and put it back on the shelf. We call it the "Ugly Sweater". I love the sweater style and fit and I may get brave enough to photo it for y'all, but this baby ain't leaving the interior of the house. Lesson learned there folks.

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