Monday, March 12, 2007

You CAN Do It!

I have been reading how to do this for years but my brain would not understand how it worked. I finally just decided to go for it. Barbara G. Walker has walked me through it like the genius she is. Top down with set in sleeves knit all at once. No seperate body and armholes and sleeves to sew in because you know precious hates to sew in stuff. Bam! And you know what? It. Fits.

One thing I want you to notice...see the pooling on the left side?(it will be on the right side when wearing it) That's not supposed to happen when you USE TWO OR THREE SEPERATE BALLS OF VARIEGATED YARN BUT THERE IT IS! I don't mind it a bit. So much for doing it by "the rules." And yes, there's a huge difference in color between skeins.
Like night and day and that's what I love about hand dyed. I'm going to do a 2x2 rib from the underarm down on the body and from the elbow down on the sleeves. And same turtleneck. I hope the weather stays cool enough to wear it! Got up to 50 this weekend. Downright HOT.

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