Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beautiful Weekend...Weather-wise

Sunny days, breezy gorgeous weather.
Sadly, we lost a historical section of a factory to fire. On the good side, no one was hurt, including fire personnel working on the blaze for the last 3 days. The fire doesn't want to go out. It made the news in Boston so it thinks it's BIG TIME. The factory, at one time back in the 1700-1800's made cutlery, then fine paper (ya know, the kind you make money out of). Old brick structure with style. When have you seen that lately.
Anyway, may I present cotton/silk tunic!

Great to throw on over a tank top and jeans or capris. Top down, drop shoulder construction. Front slit, side vents, bell sleeves. One change, hook and eye at the top of the front slit to keep it from falling off my shoulders because you know, the laws of cotton are to stretch as soon as you wear it. Love it.

Artful Yarns Fable-6 hanks, WEBS (a bargain out of Grandpa's Garage at $3.79/hank)

40"finished tapered to 38 at hips

Color: chamois, lime, salmony-pink

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