Friday, May 25, 2007

Knittin' & Kittens

Here's the Knittin'.....

And here's the kittens...
Watermelon Shrug has become one of my favorite things to wear. The only design element I would tweak would be a more curved short row back. I'd definitely make another as soon as I forget how impatient I got with the 2x2 ribbing. Why do I keep putting it in my designs? Because it works!
Beau and Andrew look innocent enough here-believe me they're not. Curtain including rod came down last night (tension rod and no they weren't climbing the curtain, it touches the floor and they were playing amongst the hem.) My knitting has become a hunting item for them so it HAS to be put away, no leaving it on the couch even for a second. The brown sock above had to have major repair due to a chewing thru the working yarn. I love them just the same.
I have a tunic that I just finished of a cotton/silk blend from stash supply. As soon as I get a good shot of it I will show and tell.

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