Monday, November 26, 2007

Where's October?

It's the end of November and I haven't posted a thing! I really suck at this. I have knit so much stuff I can't remember it all from the last post. We have sweaters, hats, more hats (it's Warm the Children time). Socks. And get this, I won $25 from WEBS for using my canvas WEBS bag for my purchases! Best mail I ever received. Ranked higher than the refund check from my mortgage company. I thought the certificate was going to burn a hole in my wallet if I didn't get to WEBS and SPEND it. I spent way over the certificate amount, of course. Mom has requested a red sweater like the yellow-oh, ah--yeah, it's one of the ones I've made since the last post and unfortunately I don't have the camera to down load the pic. Sorry. It's gansey/guernsey-ish. Cables and heavier stitches on the top sections and plain stockinette on the lower sections of body and sleeves. I put my own twist on the finishing bits. Make note to self, find the camera!

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