Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday?

Voting day here in Massachusetts. The building I work in is also the polling destination for the town. Busy, busy, busy. By far the most turnout in the 2 years I've worked here. It's a Town Clerk's worst nightmare. The day begins around 6am and ends anytime after midnight. Even with freezing rain and treacherous driving conditions the voters are doing their civic duty. Kudos! And yes, I voted in my own town before I came to work.
I wish I had a pic to show of the charcoal grey with fern green design around body & sleeves raglan style sweater. It is done. Blocked. Has been worn. Next on the sticks is a set- in -sleeve -top -down -jacket. The upper section and sleeves is seed stitch. I'm throwing in a 2 color 3x1 rib from the bust down. It's a corsety effect. With a steek! I've only steeked once before. My game plan is an I-cord finish and incorporating floating I-cord as the button loops. It works in my brain, we'll see how it goes. Color? Fern green as the main color and charcoal grey as the purl rib and I-cord. Yeh, I bought the same amount of Cascade 220 in each color and they look fab together. Well, my opinion of course. Pictures would help, I know.
I'll be building a boat tonight as it is supposed to rain torrents tomorrow and with the ice and snow it will have nowhere to go but my cellar.

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