Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Long Weekend

February in New England is interesting. Temperatures range from the single digits with wind chills below zero to the mid 50's with fog so thick you can't see the house across the street. This can all happen in long weekend. Stuck in the house because it's too cold, too wet, too foggy. At the moment we are in the 40's and falling fast with a snow squall twirling large flakes in a frenetic dance outside my office window. Feels like I'm on the inside of a snowglobe. The snowbanks are dirty and unappealing. Mood levels turn negative and impatience is high. We've had enough and are ready for the season to change.
So when your stuck in the house on a long weekend and you're a knitter, you're at an advantage. Projects are finished, new ones started and the cat gets to sit in your lap all day. Everyone is happy. My cardigan with 2 color rib that became a henley is back to a cardigan. Once it's finished blocking I will attempt to post my tutorial as lacking in steps as it is. It's too heavy to wear now which is okay because I want to knit a skirt to go with it. Unless we go back to arctic conditions, I'll have to put it away.
The snow squall has stopped. Who knows what will show up next! Oh, the Russian Coat? Frogged. Too fiddly for my impatience. I hate sewing stuff together and each hexagon has a seam. The used wool has been washed and once dry I'll rewind into balls. I'm working on my own version. I think there will be shortrowing involved.

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