Monday, December 29, 2008

Time to Ring in the New Year

Western MA got alot of rain over the weekend to seriously damage the nice fluffy snow. On the plus side I gained a snowman (compliments of my niece)in my backyard because it was VERY packy. He has a frenchy beret thing going. His eyes are roasted chestnuts, or shall I say over roasted chestnuts that smoked the house up and made it smell kinda like burnt popcorn and exactly like burnt chestnuts. So much for bringing Dickens in to Christmas. One strike against the microwave version. The oven roasted nuts were fine accompanied by a Pinot Noir.

Now here's a gift...

Beau gold in Tiffany blue.
Nobody in the house got anything from Tiff's so heaven knows where the bag came from. I think Beau looks grand don't you?
The holiday (read: food) went on for days. Wednesday: Lasagna; Thursday:Lasagna again; Friday: Lasagna...again and bacon*; Saturday: Baked Ham and fixins; Sunday: holiday buffet complete with ricotta pie, turtle cheesecake. No lasagna on the buffet-phew.
*Not planned. In re-arranging the freezer the 4 lbs of bacon was left out and defrosted prompting a marathon bacon cooking session. Being one of my favorite smells I didn't have a problem with it. Too bad the burnt chestnuts took over.....

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