Monday, March 16, 2009

Mulligan Ugh.

So I was buzzing along, round and round and I started to hear a little beep in my head. I ignored it, knit round and round and the beep got louder. Finally , I put my work down and voiced the words I hate to hear myself say. "The gauge is off." Yep, there was no doubt about it. Once again, the swatch LIED. So the blob of screaming green fabric turned into:

This neat little pile of string. Disappointing, yes. After taking swatch measurements from the now gigantic beginning of my sweater, no wait, I was half done, I redid the math and started again.So far so good. The designer changed the decorative front from 3 "holes" to 1x1 rib straight down the front.

"I helped her calculate the second time. Sometimes ya just gotta step up to the plate."

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