Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Waiting for Warmer Weather

Screamin' Green is done and ready for its first mission. The weather has dipped below freezing so the wool remains on call. We're all fighting for queen parking spots at work in the morning that will be in full sun when we get out. Yeh, it's still that cold. The weatherpeople are teasing with promises of temps in the 50's by Friday accompanied by rain. That's rain, not snow.

For the next projects up I'm going a bit Blue Period Picasso as the raw materials all seem to be blue. Baby Blue, wool (sock yarn) and cotton (Valley Yarns "Longmeadow"). My brain is in the design stage for the cotton. Like the Screamin Green the yarn is DK weight but this is not splitty at all. I won't have to watch every- stinkin'- single- row for errant loops of thread. It has more heft and should take to the short rowing I have planned.
The sock yarn is variegated from blues to pink and may become bed socks due to my discovery of very thin areas on one of my current pair of bed socks. Bed socks tend to go farther than bed and take more of a beating than regular day socks. For instance, they may scoot out back to untangle Andrew from whatever bush, plant, lawn ornament he's wrapped his lead around; take the trash out in the black of Wednesday night; or just adorn my feet when I need socks at home. No darning for these babies, too far gone.

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