Friday, April 30, 2010

The Wind

Yesterday, the official weather scanner in my office announced that it was going to be windy until 1800 hours (6pm). Dadbugger if they weren't right on the money. Let it be known that the state government got something right on April 29, 2010. Maybe we should put the weather service in charge of some other areas, like the budget perhaps. But enough sarcasm.
I have new roving to play with. "They" call it Sandalwood. I can live with that. It's smooth and silky and has a merino top (no, I have no idea what that means.) that has been a challenge for a newbie such as myself to get a good consistent spin. New toys. New challenges. Its good.
The last of the plain ole domestic stinky sheep roving in its spun plied dried version is awaiting its dye bath. My imagination is wandering to a hand-painted project with lessons learned from the Kangaroo Dyer herself, Miss Gail Callahan. 

And lastly for today, rounds and rounds of button band-across the bottom-button band-neckline fun on my v-neck cardigan. It's too cumbersome to take the beee-uuuu-teee salon appointment this afternoon so I'll be bored to tears with no knitting project for people to stare at while I'm being processed. Bored but blonder will be the result.

Now, perhaps I'll call the state weather service to ask how many clouds will roll by today.

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