Monday, April 12, 2010


Along with two sweaters I am diligently practicing my spinning. The spinning is getting there but not up to my expectations just yet. My mechanics are still off, but no fear, I'll figure it out. 
The lime-green number is destined to be a v-neck cardigan. I cannot get enough lime green. The blue, charcoal grey, red, green item is another cardigan using up bits and pieces. I had alot!
Practice, practice. I seem to do better late at night. I have also taken the term "drop" spindle to heart. So much so...

I broke it. I think it's fixable; it still spins but has developed a wobble.
It doesn't wobble when I'm plying so that may be it's sole job.

Here is my progression, counterclockwise. The hank is from my first attempts. Thick and thin. Folks pay alot of money for that! The ball on the right is less lumpy but still too thick in areas. The ball on the left ...I'm getting there. I know my "Eureka" moment, that moment when you say to yourself, "you dope" and smack yourself in the forehead is coming but as you all know I have zero patience so I hope it comes soon. 
Meanwhile, I'm gathering glass jars for my next phase of fiber obsession--dyeing. I thought I had a stash of mason jars but darned if I can find them. Once I get another load I'll find the ones I had. Too bad I have to work for that money stuff. I'd much rather be spinning/knitting.

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