Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My camera won't upload.

A week, no, make that two weeks worth of knitting and no visual? Bah.

Bulky ragg wool pullover on the drying rack-done. Lace-weight Style To Be Determined has made it to the separation of the sleeves and body. Frankly, this one has me thinking, What Was I Thinking? To keep what's left of what little sanity I have I threw another cotton/silk turtleneck pullover design on the needles and that has the shaping of the body half done and a partial sleeve. There's one sock done and another past the heel.

Much leaf peeping has been done and now the leaves are.....leaving. It snowed briefly on the 23rd of October so by my calculations we will have 23 more snowfalls for the season. This is also how I calculate Thunderstorm Season. The date of the first one of the new year is the amount we will have. It has all the accuracy of my trick knee.

I need pictures. *sigh*

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