Monday, December 06, 2010

Hello? Why Yes, I'm Still Knitting

 I'm still here, knitting away. Kristina McGowan has INSPIRED me! I'm putting elastic cord in everything I do.  I have found that the textile houses around here, chain or otherwise, do not carry elastic ribbon, nor do they carry a vast amount of velvet ribbon. I'm also on the hunt for pipe cleaners of all colors. I'd rather buy local but may have to rely on the interwebs to bring closure to my creative ideas.

The upcoming holidays are cutting into production but the lights are in the windows, the tree is up and 99% decorated. The cats have played in all the boxes and taken a few swings at low hanging decorations. As there is no place like home for the holiday and it looks like we may ACTUALLY STAY HOME, I need to Christmas shop and ship early. I can't believe it's actually going to happen. It's a Christmas Miracle.

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