Monday, December 20, 2010

I Want An iPhone

I have one of those pay-as-you-go kind of cell phones. Cheap. I can talk, text, set alarms, voice activate contacts in my address book, get on the internet (the 1x1" screen really doesn't cut it). It is a phone that works for me and my budget. I should probably add that I hate talking on the phone so the invention of texting made me giddy. I still don't use it. Not a great communicator. I do however love gadgets. I want an iPad. I want wireless internet. I want an iPhone for texting.

I want an iPhone for the autocorrect feature that has me in hysterics. If any of you have ventured out to Damn You, Auto Correct you know of what I speak. It's a total waste of time but waste time first thing in the morning is what I do. It gets the blood flowing, the tears rolling and the abs get a workout trying to control the laughing so my co-workers don't hear me. The mascara gets smeared. It's the best 10 minutes of the day.

The thought of my phone entertaining me by merely changing what I put in--wait, that would get annoying after awhile--but funny! It would be a conundrum.

I ran into another gadget I knew nothing about until the cd changer bit the dust. An internet radio. You need HiSpeed internet, which I don't have, but you can pull in stations from all over the globe in whatever genre you want. 1960's music from Britain-brilliant! It doesn't play my CD's but I want. Of course the budget raises its eyebrow like your mom did when you wanted to do something stupid. Not only am I down a cd changer (15 years old, owed me nothing) but now my boombox cd player is acting kerphlooey (20 years old). Yes, I said boombox because that's what it is. I don't  have a iPod. I've never wanted an iPod. To me it's a rerun of 1950/60's transistor radio complete with the earplugs. Wouldn't it be cooler if the iPod were as small and worn like BlueTooth phone negating the need for the dangly earbud cable? Apple, are you reading this? You'll have to work out the specifics for that stereo sound in BOTH ears.

I need new toys. I want new toys. Must get income to support this foolishness. After all, I am an American.

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