Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Every Day Like Sunday

Ah Sundays. I get up just in time to watch Sunday Morning. That's 90 minutes of knitting time. The cats hit their preferred sleeping spots and lounge around with me.

I wish everyday were like Sunday. Alas, the bills must be paid and money doesn't come rolling in while I'm glued to the couch surrounded by balls of yarn, knitting needles, tape measures and sleeping cats.

Works in Process

This 12 month size pullover is created out of the scratchiest sock yarn and you may ask yourself why I bothered. Well, it was, um, cheeep and I wanted to work out a pattern of my own brain without sacrificing my better stock. It's Patons and though the color variation is lovely the fibers are short and were in my eyes, up my nose and very irritating. I ripped it apart a couple times; the wool held up to the abuse so it suited my purpose.
I mentioned my sister scored alpaca at a Chinese auction. A gorgeous red 2-ply worsted from Plymouth yarn.

I'm not sure whether to wear it when I finish or just have it around to pick up and squish. More on this after a good blocking.

The Done Stuff

The Aran Vine.
Just as a reminder I fashioned this after a tree in my back yard that has ivy vine choking it. I have a new favorite cable. The braid on the arm is fun to do and works quickly.


Da Orange One
This started out in design to be a cardigan but as usual, the designer changed her mind and left the steek in and called it a pullover.

Set in sleeves and corrugated rib. All sweaters constructed top-down/seamless.

I had to do a plain rib on the neckline so my fat head could get through. Corrugated rib is not as flexible and as it was supposed to be a cardigan I joined the front sooner than I would a pullover. Of course, since I designed it -can't be wrong.

There are pairs of socks (in yummy soft, non scratchy sock yarn) too numerous to photo. As the end of February approaches thoughts of lighter spring knits are on my mind. So much to knit, so little room left to store it.

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