Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Reading My Mind

Just the other day I was thinking to myself, how does heather yarn come to be? How do they do that? Well, as if he was hanging out in my brain, Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed is posting a 5 part series on just the subject. Jared, please disregard anything else you may have stumbled upon in my cranium. Cluttered mess that it is.
Heathers are what I gravitate to as I enter any yarn shop. I like the non-solidness. It adds another interest to my work. What may look like a green sweater upon closer observation has flecks of yellow, blue and fuchsia. A deep red is actually a bright red but flecks of black or charcoal gives the color more depth.

The photos don't readily show the gray interspersed. 

I like the visual dimension whether there are knitted textures or plain vanilla stockinette stitch. So, thank you Jared. Thanks for taking the time to run through the process step by step so I can appreciate the work that goes into my favorite type of fiber.
I hear we're in for another dousing of rain that will have nowhere to go my cellar. Ah, spring is arriving. For the first time in six months I did not throw on a wool sweater for work this morning. Lovely old building that it is, it is not the most air tight but they're working on it. As with any municipal building it takes years of meetings to decide where the money is coming from to put weather stripping on the doors to keep the breezies out. All in good time.

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