Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Whoa! I have been shirking my duties as a boring blogger. It's been over a month since you all sat at your devices and said, "what is she whining about today?" I'll try to remedy that for you. Get comfy.
 The lilacs have come and gone. The air was thick with the scent. We had a bumper crop this year and I hope it was due to my hacking, er, trimming from last spring.
 The ferns in the white garden and filling up space. I love the smell of these too.
 The birds were so well hidden in this tree because the blossoms were thick, thick, thick.
 I suspect this is the bunny that left so many "jelly beans" in the yard from the winter. This is the first I've seen of it. Beau made sure he didn't get too close.
 I finally got a moon shot. Usually my camera adjusts the light and obliterates it.
 Le Tulip rouge.
 Le Tulip Noir
 Le Tulip Blanc
And Jack was in his pulpit.

Now that the outside is accounted for let me update you on the inside. The fuel tank busted its seams. It took two weeks to replace it and I cannot describe the stench of oil. Made me ill. Once the soaking pads were removed there was vast improvement. You still smell it when you open the cellar door. It could have been much worse. My advice to all of you? Pony up for Tank Guard insurance. You're homeowners won't cover a dime.
The spring rains of stories told are here and are not going anywhere soon. Everything is green. The grass, the trees the flowers, the moss, the mold....
I have been knitting but not with the vengeance I usually do. I really have ENOUGH sweaters. Problem is I don't like making anything else. Not to worry, I'll work it out. I'm not going to post any FO's until after my photography class at WEBS with Gale Zucker of She Shoots Sheep Shots. That's coming up in June. You'll just have to wait.
Now, was that too bad? I don't think so.

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