Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And Now with Knitting Content

Finally, it took a heat wave to get me to put down the knitting needles, grab what was piling up in the chair and shoot a few photos. Handling the woolies in 90+ heat was, well, not as nice as the soft squishy cotton. It had to be done. 

I, uh, still need to put on the buttons-yes, I know where they are unless the cat has relocated them. I call this one Cinched. Why you ask? Because I have a band of ribbing at the waist that you can't see. So much for telling a story with my camera. Sorry Gail, I need more practice.

I attempted designing a shawl collar and my heart was in the right place, I just need to add more depth next time. This one will keep the chill off my neck when I'm shoveling. 

Here is another that needs buttons...and a lint roller! Don't take a close look at this one, it's a bit furry. Soft and cozy cotton.

And here we have the latest work in process. I know this yarn grows horizontally and adjusted the gauge. Here's hoping I didn't adjust it too much because when I tried it on yesterday it was a tad snug. 

 It's been so hot there has been little knitting production. My sodoku skills on the other hand are sharp, sharp, sharp. The weather technicians have promised me a cold front starting tomorrow. Then again, they lie like a swatch.

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gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

They look good to me! No ned to apologize for your storytelling :-)
Lucky you working right by the Northfield Creamie. What a gem of an ice cream stand!