Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shiny Objects

Though the heat in Western Massachusetts is nothing compared to the center section of the nation, may I say--enough already! Why doesn't global warming cause the world to have daily weather like say, Hawaii. A little rain every morning then sunny with a cool breeze and a fruity drink in your hand. Who's in charge? I need to speak with them.
My knitting production has slowed for two reasons. First, it's hot. Knitting with cotton is no cooler (but I must admit, less scratchy) than knitting with wool. A lap full of knitted cotton is heavy and warm. Second, my current project is stripes. Stripes require me to juggle 2 balls. Untwist 2 balls. Pay attention that I tighten up the join. In other words, this is not the mindless knitting I need while watching the series "Lark Rise to Candleford" I borrowed from the library. I have completed season 2 and have requested season 3. But I digress.
To distract myself from this weather I have been puttering about with beading and jewelry making. Wanna see? If you keep reading you will have no choice.

Wire work
 If I could figure out how to limit the glare you would see 3 pearls in shades (from top): lime green, pearl and seafoam (blue/green).
 Bead Embroidery
Beaded Cuff Bracelet. I started out with a specific design but trashed that idea to arrive at the creation below. I was surprised how much I liked doing this. Very time consuming. I look forward to creating another one and have started collecting the raw materials.
I love Tiger Eye. I would go to LBS (local bead shop) and collect a few stones and after about a year I had enough to create a necklace and a bracelet, to be seen at a later date. Previously I had created tiger eye earrings so when the bracelet is done I will have a complete set.

A technique called Kumihimo has peaked my interest. It involves more equipment to add to the fishing tackle box I bought to organize this interest. It is becoming full and heavy.
So many interests. At least I always have something to do.
"In other words, she ignores us. It's unacceptable."

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